Saturday September 1, 2012

Neethaane En Ponvasantham (Music review), Tamil – Ilayaraja

Posted by Karthik

Saayndhu saayndhu is the soundtrack’s mesmerizing opener, straddling delightful interludes (that 2nd interlude!) and scintillating guitars! Yuvan tries his best to be the song’s weakest link, and one does wonder what another proficient singer like Karthik could have done to this charming tune! Kaatrai konjam is breezy, with orchestration that evokes, in one instant, the entire 80s in slow motion, at least for the older generation listeners. Sunidhi Chauhan gets one of the best songs of the soundtrack – Mudhal murai. She gets everything right – her accent, pronunciation… and Raja gives her a fabulously memorable hook to almost forget the older tune of the words, Neethaane en ponvasantham!

Vaanam mella opens in the best tradition of Raja’s love for grand orchestral music and the man’s aged, but extraordinarily cozy vocals mingle smoothly with Bela Shende’s, to create sheer magic. Pudikale maamu updates the composer’s numerous vintage We-Don’t-Need-No-Education tunes to gen-next style, barring that Veedhi pathaadhey breakout session by Karthik, the much-necessary ‘dhristi’ of the soundtrack. Much of Pengal yendral‘s emotional high and angst is delivered by Raja’s music and not Yuvan’s vocals, while Ramya rules over Sattru munbu‘s sprawling, imaginative tune even as Raja adorns it with the best piece of orchestral backgrounds in the entire soundtrack.

But if the soundtrack belongs to one song, it is Yennodu vaa vaa – the official knee-buster of the year, since it can easily make anyone go weak in the knees. Karthik’s pitch-perfect rendition and Raja’s majestic music across every part of the song – the backgrounds, the tune of the anupallavi… everything just works so beautifully! Neethaane En Ponvasandham is finally that soundtrack which overlaps Raja’s mind-bogglingly proficient earlier form over the best of his current form and resides in an enviable twilight zone. This is every Raja fan’s wet dream.

Keywords: Neethaane en ponvasandham, needhaane en ponvasantham, NEPV, NEP, Ilayaraja, 300, #300

Note: This is the 4th ever 300 worder on Milliblog – in 7 years, since 2005. The earlier ones included Delhi 6, Roja (yes!) and Rockstar. There is a special joy in giving a 300 worder to Raja, however!



  • Hey I understand what you meant by the last sentence and must have chose it after thinking…but still ….why use that language …that too when his fans can also be women -:)

    • milliblog

      I understand. I believe that phrase has gotten over the sexual connotations to a generic ‘something that is very pleasant or very exciting for someone’ meaning quite some time back 🙂

  • Manaf Chukkan Parambil

    Eagerly waiting for the CD… Hope Karthik’s next 300 word review for YRF+ ARR combo….

  • Venkateswaran Ganesan

    Waiting for the Telugu version where Yuvan will be replaced (was it sonu nigam in Yedi Yedi?)and can hear a better version.

  • Suresh

    Dear Karthik… You have not mentioned Gautham menon’s name anywhere in the review.. He is the man of this music success.. He extracted the best from Ilayaraja.. You should have mentioned his name…

    • Suseendhiran

      i think u never listened to any of the Raja sir song.. # “He is the man of this music success” //ROFL

      • Suresh

        Im a big fan of raja sir.. But if u see his recent form can u say a single movie which got a 200 word review.. Y this album alone got a 300 word review this whole raja period.. Gautham menon is a director who will extract the best from the music director whom he is working. It might be Rahman or harris or ilayaraja.. So directors part also there in this music success.. This is my opinion. With out gautham menon this would have not been possible..

        • Dhoni got 200 words review, that too for just 4 songs..

    • milliblog

      I’m not sure if that line of thought holds right for Raja – there are many, many really bad 80s films, with terrible directors, that got pure gems from Raja. If we cannot attribute those lovely tunes to those directors (and attribute them solely to Raja), I don’t see how we can attribute this one to Gautam.

      • Suresh

        Karthik sir. I accept your point. 80’s is completely Raja sir’s period. Like the 90’s completely by Rahman.. NEP music is brilliant and the credit should go to the director Gautham menon because he is the one who asked to Raja sir to go london and he his contribution is very huge and even Raja sir also said in an interview that Gautham is the main reason for this music success. That oly im saying sir. Its my opinion too. Gautham menon has a very good music sense and he is a hardcore raja sir fan. So there is no doubt this album is an treat for “ALL MUSIC LOVERS”. All music lovers love Raja sir music.

      • But this is 2012….and the credit to inspire him goes to Gautham

        • if u just cant understand gvm is banking on rajas fame and try doing a retro its just ur ignorant…im not arrogant here..

      • Suresh

        All ur 300 word post has the name of the directors.. Rakesh for Delhi 6,
        Manirathnam for Roja and Imtiaz(u have not mentioned his name but u
        mentioned as “director” for Rockstar. But there is not even a single
        place u have not mentioned the director name.. Ya i accept raja sir
        rocked in 80’s since its his period. Take an example in the last 10
        years how many hits did raja sir gave. U can easily count the hits in
        numbers… NEP is very very special to all.. this happened bec of the
        director “Gautham menon”. Without him this album would have not got a
        300 word review from you Karthik. Accept the fact.. U might be a
        hardcore raja sir fan but u should atleast give a small credit to a
        director also who has very good music sense.. Gautham extraced the best from Harris Jayaraj and now he got the best from raja sir.

        • milliblog

          My not mentioning Gautham has nothing to do with me being a hardcore fan of Raja. Most of my recent Raja reviews have been critical barring very few, anyway. It is more to do with what I believe (from whatever I have read) is Raja’s working style.

          I don’t think Raja is exactly the kind of participative composer like other, newer composers. Composers like Rahman, Harris or Pritam are suppose to be working very closely with their directors and adding creative inputs from all sources, mainly the director’s. Raja is not traditionally supposed to work like that – from whatever I have read and heard, he’s more like someone who listens to the plot and cues for songs in the film from the director and rattle out tunes out of his head. I don’t believe he’d change dramatically for Gautham Menon alone – in fact, most of Raja’s break-ups with star directors (there are many, most notably Balachandar, Mani Ratnam and Bharathiraja) are usually attributed to Raja’s so-called ego and working style.

  • Agree with your review but differ on one point – am addicted to the Karthik’s part in “Pidikale maamu” 🙂

  • ramki 🙁 Looks like somebody is a great fan of yours; but i dont see a credit for milliblog.

  • Harsha Vardhan

    Pleasant thing to hear Ilaiyaraaja at his best. But I really don’t understand what’s the need of getting Yuvan sing for the OST for we know IR is strict at picking the best vocals for any of his compositions and hardly tries to be funky with the vocals. I’m yet to hear the OST but what do you think of Yuvan’s inclusion into this? Is that the worst part of the OST? Did IR somehow lost his mind and made an exception for his son for we know Yuvan showcases multiple pitches in a single phrase when he sings?

    • yuvan ruins it. the two songs he has sung are the most ordinary. a better singer shud have sung them

    • Suchitra

      The family is tone deaf when it comes to them singing, but thankfully he’s kept Bhavatharani out of it!! 🙂

      • Balaji

        It was GVM who wanted it 🙂

        • +1. GVM who wanted Yuvan to sing the song. IR preferred some other singer, but GVM decision finally.

  • jeanjohny

    I instinctively felt that itz gonna be a 300 for NEP! It gave me goosebumps reading your review. I’m yet to hear the songs and li’l nervous too. Donno how Raja’s music would grow on me, I might even go insane!

  • Joe

    Flawless orchestration, nice melodies, a couple of songs ruined by bad choice of singers, but definitely not blown away with the album. Maybe its the hype that got to me, or maybe it’s a wet dream for just Raja fans.

    In my books, definitely not a 300 words and maybe Goutham Menon’s weakest album till date.

  • I’m literally in heaven listening to these songs. Greatest gem by Raaja sir yet! Gautham Menon knows how to extract the BEST from MDs, but the weakest link is Yuvan. Why does he sing out of sruthi? Anyways Pengal Yendral is the weakest link of this beautiful album. I’m floating while listening to Vaanam Mella. Cannot wait for the Hindi version next year (we can expect Shaan to sing Saayndhu Saayndhu in Hindi.) And Sunidhi…wah wah!

  • sunilssounds

    Sorry for the lengthy post

    I don’t consider music director(s) “MD” as a benchmark, I consider songs as a benchmark and because a MD = A has delivered more hits compared to the other MDs = B, C, D, etc. then it’s automatic that B, C, D, etc. will be ignored! Unfair

    A hit song is one which spreads like a virus and can be considered opium for the masses. Now we all have our different viewpoints and my definition of a hit song is something that gets all my senses engaged.

    I think it is foolish to be biased to a specific MD because of their past hits. An unknown composer will only release a single in his lifetime and go in hibernation and if this song becomes a hit then it is the song that becomes the benchmark not the composer. Mediocre MDs will occasionally release that one life changing song but because their other material is usually lost somewhere in the ditches, the biased aficionado won’t give the mediocre MD’s song a chance! Unfair

    Word of mouth is the only hope mediocre MDs have but sometimes it’s too late as fanboys will start slating, meaning not having constructive criticisms but going on foul digressions.

    To sum it up, MDs should not be considered Gold or Iron… it is songs that should be considered Gold or Iron.

    Before coming to my take on NEPV, I would like to express where I stand with “Isaignani”. He has a Gold status because of his songs/hits but to be biased towards him is turning you to naivety. Open your ears and I’m not asking you let go of your favourite MD but there is beautiful songs pouring from every direction and because of ignorance certain gems are washed to the side.

    For e.g. Ismail Darbar has landed in a blunder but most of his songs are very memorable even today therefore his songs are Gold and not him. Don’t judge a MD, judge their music… That’s all I’m saying!!!

    First impressions of NEPV based on ignoring Raaja Saabs and GVMs previous material.

    Vaanam Mella won’t even let me move an inch to the other songs, so is this Gold and the rest of the songs, Iron? When I heard this song, I was getting thoughts like no other song can beat this number in the album. After regaining consciousness, being calm and composed I moved to the next numbers.

    I heard the album once and Vaanam Mella ascended the most. Thoughts on other songs at that time were:

    Kaatrai Konjam – 2nd interlude is the sole highlight of the song.
    Yennodu Vaa Vaa – Song belongs to karthik IMO. Charanams have a gargantuan soothing impact. The shift between the 2nd interlude and 2nd charanam is a rollercoaster ride from the world of electronic rock to the orchestral world.
    Sattru Munbu – Couldn’t get to grips with this on first hearing but deep down felt there’s a dark horse nature in this song. The Anglo-Indian Voice modulation is something I’m a sucker of off late.
    Mudhal Murai – Was too dense for me to digest. Overshadowing orchestration!
    Pudikale Maamu – The already familiar interlude made me jump up with joy hehe Excluding the tipsy voice(s), the rest of the song had nothing going for it. Raaja Saab would’ve been apt from this song!
    Pengal Yendral – Seems like another dark horse. The part where Yuvan sings “Madhi ketta yen niram, manam nondha sonnadho. Mara nathai pol indhu, pen ival indrudhu.” Completely melted my heart. (Sorry for the typo)
    Saayndhu Saayndhu – Thought this will be favourite song but as always expectations create disappointments. Underwhelming on first hearing!

    If this was Raaja Saabs debut and ignoring slow poison notion, it’s best to say it’s a mixed bag but because we have warmed up to Raaja Saab over the decades then I’ll also express my feelings as fanboy too.

    There have been numerous teen/college flicks that we have grown up watching and listening too. What makes this different? Orchestration! We should consider ourselves very fortunate that Raaja Saab has gone full on with a grand orchestration for repeatedly tested script formula of college romance. Is it a life changing album for me? Yes, yes and yes!

    2nd hearing is more than a punch in the face. Mudhal Murai becomes the most hummable song, followed by Saayndhu Saayndhu which is overwhelming with equally overwhelming interludes. The other songs engulf you; drench you with love and leaving you soaking on end. Raja turns the game around and delivers a complete rock ballad with Pengal yendral, which is unlike anything to come out of his repertoire. But I feel I still haven’t warmed up to Pudikale Maamu.

    There’s nostalgia and there’s moderness too… The orchestral highs are enough to change sound of TFM.

    After all, even Google translator accepts that “Isaignani” translates to “Ilaiyaraaja” and not “A man with great knowledge in music” because Ilaiyaraaja is an individual that is greater than a man with a great knowledge in music.

    Happy listening

    • music fan

      Vaanam mella song ascended the most to you – thank Madonna

      Raaja drew heavy inspirations from that song

      • sunilssounds

        Could you please elaborate on what you mean by “heavy inspirations”?

        • music fan

          The tune from Madonna’s song between 0:08 to 0:15 is similar to Vaanam Mella tune. If you don’t find that to be the case, just ignore and move on.

          • I see more similarities of Beethoveen’s piano sonato slowly played with Vanam mella .. And Probably has got the same inspiration for Madonna also

          • The starting hook is definitely ‘inspired’ from ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ by Madonna. But the rest of it is original, I think.

            The best part of the song for me is the way Ilayaraja’s and Bela Shinde’s voices contrast each other and make for a moving melody! I like this song the most, followed by ‘Yennodu Vaa Va’.

            Overall, a great soundtrack for an otherwise boring movie.

          • caughtinthemusicalstorm

            Anyone heard “King of The Fairies” search Arany Zoltan on Youtube

          • Yep, sounds similar to Arany Zoltan’s Irish folk song that you mentioned. I guess the starting tune in Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach was too good to not be inspired as well.

          • sureshchandramouli

            Rja is the only saving grace for the film. Gauthom menon has not utilised the legend properly.. sad but true

  • Without doubt, ARR would have done a better job than IR if he was chosen to compose the music.

    • bla bla bla. move on

      • hah hah dont u people hav sense r not…. always debating criticising…
        fcuk u all…. dont mess up with things… there is no compromise in
        any thing. why shd in music.. if u dont lik tell im don like… but u
        all comment for more than 100 words and then say bla bla… dont compare
        anyone with anything.. an artist has full freedom to project..
        crictising is must.. esp for IR it is most why is it so.. y cant the
        world doesn’t keeps well.. other side CM is promosing to get
        padmavibushan for MSV same stage IR is praising MSV as his guru…. hav u
        heard 5 times academy award winner john willams scores…. wat u get
        from him… but he is praised… y cant u people.. if it is not
        pleassent stop ur ears listening… everryone here likes good music tats

    • Stomach is still burning? Get well soon.

      • No, it’s not. Let’s see if NEP will beat VTV sales. I doubt it will.

        • So is cd sales the only benchmark? Not the quality of music? 🙂 How can you decide someone else ‘would have’ done better job, be it any composer? I would ask the same question if ARR composed for NEPV and someone wrote “Composer X would have done better”. Thats an imaginative question, for which there can be no answer, unless a director chooses two composers separately and narrates them same story/situations and asks them to compose their own versions. No director in his sane mind would do that.
          why is cd sales the only benchmark? Why not consider audio rights as benchmark then? NEPV got paid highest, for rights!

          Judge an album on its own merit, without comparisons or without using parameters such as cd sales, rights, downloads etc. Its a beautiful album and I dont see any other composer doing what Raaja has done here.

        • Vijay SA

          For that, what exactly are the Sales Figures VTV is holding?!?

          • I think Deepak is a musician and perhaps ARR himself. Otherwise, I wonder how can one immediately conclude on NEP compositions. By the way, @Deepak can you write a blog on what you have understood from NEP songs? if you have one already please share it to me, i am eager to know that. Also, there are too many evidences that VTV songs ripped from various albums. hmm… guys please grow at the least tend to do so. Kid, you need time to understand NEP works as I do. Listen to that unbiased you may find many things which you have not seen even with ARR. Good luck.

          • ham

            – ha ha dude, u need to get musically educated. VTV songs ripped?? LMAO!! NEPV is good, and in no way u can compare ARR with IR and vice versa.

          • music fan

            Raaja ripped Vaanam Mella song from Madonna’s papa don’t preach
            Listen here:

  • Roja – 300. In the same lines if you were to review old Raaja albums, there will be more than 20 300 worders right? 🙂

    • milliblog

      Yes… many. If we give them the benefit of hindsight 🙂

      • Sriram Krishnamoorthy

        Like going back and forth your blog.. and when i saw this comment… I am wondering if you could perhaps use that benefit of hindsight and give the names of raja compositions that deserve a 300… all top of the mind recall!

  • Anand Venkat

    The songs are really good compared to Raja’s compositions in the last few years. Having said that, I don’t think it’s nowhere near to Raja’s old classics to deserve a 300 in Milliblog. Especially I feel there are some Menon’s intrusion in Mudhal Murai and orchestration; especially the usage of instruments. Two great numbers thrown at Yuvan is another royal waste as it would be very difficult to hear (with those abaswarams) those numbers after a month or two.
    Expected a 200 from Milliblog.

  • I am one of those raaja fans who got the “wet dream’. However, I feel that part of is it was “drop of rain after a drought”. I am looping the two Karthik stunners ! Yuvan makes me skip his songs. Raaja should have also not sung in this album. Overall the mix of of sound leaves something to be desired…the voices are a bit drowned (except in case of Karthik where he shines through). Of course, its a very good album …but not as earth shattering as it is made out to be. I do not need to defend myself as his fan (in anticipation of the brickbats).

  • guest

    Good.. At-least some one got the guts to speak about ARR in this thread among the religiously Raja obsessed fans.I have great respect for the maestro. I still have huge collections of 80s and 90s songs in my I-pod.For me NEP is an average sound track..I would rate Sattai, MPM, Kumki above NEP.Except for Ennoda Va Va,others are duds.(I think I will be most hated person here for a very long time to come:-))

    • music fan

      exactly my thoughts… “NEP is an average soundtrack” – and, you’ve been generous.

      • guest

        I slept half way through the track.It is an insipid and soulless track.There is no “thendral vandhu theendum pothu” or “nee parthu parvaiku oru nanri” in this one.We still miss you Raja Sir.

    • Guest

      rightly said. kudos or u:

    • prasad

      rightly said. ir took us back to 80`s. songs r duds. gvm`s worst soundtrack.

  • PrabhuShankar

    Kaatrai konjam nikka solven,yennodu vaa vaa, are two tracks that will stand the test of time,mudhal murai is an infectious grandoise tune that has an instant hit tag written all over it.saindhu saindhu could have been sung by another singer other than yuvan,god yuvan cant sing for crap.YUVAN FOR GODS SAKE STOP are a very very bad singer but a very talented composer.pidikkalai mamu needs a few more listens,but if you are a fan of progressive rock then you will appreciate the guitars that plays a flamboyant role in the track,then comes another track pengal endral, another could have been gud track then again spoilt by the LIFELESS VOICE OF YUVAN SHANKAR RAJA.why on earth is dude singing????.over all this is a gud ost.a feast for raja fans,not the usual raja,not the vintage raja sir,it is raja sir pushing it up a notch with strings and orchestration,and what grandness each and every song have to listen to kaatrai konjam nikka solven,mudhal murai and yennodu vaa vaa in a gud music player,man it takes you to another place.NEP is an album composed by the maestro,forget raja sir of 80’s,90’s and 2000,this is the maestro forming a new sound,mixing it up with his vintage conventional song composing.long live the MAESTRO,and one kind advice to yuvan shankar raja dont ever sing can mess up even the most beautifully composed songs with your lifeless,tone dead voice

  • Sonnenlicht

    Largely agree with the review. I do not Concur with the Dhrishti part though. The trumpet lude that starts at around 4:12 is one of the high points for me in this album. The prelude chant in Kaatrai Konjam is such a bliss. Another high point. Yuvan’s voice is a turn off in Saindhu and Pengal ellaam. Rest of the songs will be in a loop. 🙂

  • Loved most of the songs from this. I bought this from Flipkart so just downloaded Yedhi Yedhi (Telugu version) instead of Saaindhu & Shaan has rendered it miles better than Yuvan (as expected). A good singer plays a BIG role in doing justice to the song and listening to Yuvan, we won’t be able to enjoy the wonderful tune. Of course there are few singers (SPB/Hariharan) who just lift a song to another level.

  • Ganapathy Iyer

    I have to disagree with your review. I’ve largely been having about the same opinion as you with most of the songs you’ve reviewed, but I beg to differ on this one. I would brand this standard Raja. Considering the preview and small trinklets of music that was trickling out of GVM’s hype machine, I was expecting the world. But I have to say I’m largely disappointed. I was expecting the world , but after a few listens this sound more like the Raja of old, but in a better recorded form. But frankly it didn’t match my expectation from the isaignani. And of course as many have mentioned using Yuvan has returned despicable results. But coming from the isaignani after such a long time with the kind of canvas that NEP is, not satisfied at all.

    • i don’t know what your expectation is, may be you can try doing come composition and clear the air

  • Thanks for 300 words..was really happy to see 300 words for a Raja album,,
    Satru Munbu is my pick of the album..

  • adithyavijay

    Thanks Karthik for your passionate review and at last I am happy that Maestro is getting his due.
    1. Every one has to remember that this soundtrack has come from Maestro after more than 950 films and 35 non-stop years in the film industry, not just after few films.
    2. This soundtrack has a blend of genres in every composition and this is the soundtrack of the future which has every modern elements but also takes back to centuries behind. Orchestration is of the highest order which you can never listen in others at all. All this performed by the distinguished musicians from Hungary symphony orchestra.
    3. Every bit of note you are listening is from Maestro’s brain and no discussion or help from others except for playing. Mostly everything is performed on live instruments. The biggest part is wrote all the music (except for the main melody) before he even heard, until it was played by the orchestra.
    4. More importantly this soundtrack was composed in just 3 weeks (out of the door), not taking several months/years.
    5. You also have to remember this is just for a college love subject, and he has listened to this kind of subject/situation umpteen number of times in his life for the past 35 years. I would even say he didn’t even have a situation to compose songs like this.

    If you are not listening to this soundtrack, it is a miss of a life time. Maestro is musically proving that he is always there and you guys have forgotten him and also forgotten what good music is. In this era of pathetic music scenario, it is a pity that he even needs a GVM to know what Maestro is capable of, but that does not give GVM any other credit, but a big thanks to GVM for giving this wonderful opportunity and showcasing Maestro to Indians and worlds, what he is capable of.

    Karthik, if we consider all these above, I would have even preferred to have 400+ words to steer clear from all his contemporaries/seniors alike.

    • Chuttan

      GVM, what’s this?

  • D. Swaroop

    I am huge fan of Ilaiyaraaja sir, but I could not find this album much interesting though. I tried really hard to like this album but could not succeed. I think telugu ‘Anumaanaspadam’ was 10 times and ‘Sriramarajyam’ is 100 times better than this.

  • IMHO, the album disappointed for the same reason someone wrote below .. i cudnt find a gem like “Nee partha parvai” kind of song.
    But that said and being a huge fan of Tamil music (all music directors with so much talent) I would like to differ from Karthik.

    I feel “Sattru munbu” is miles ahead of Yennodu Vaa vaa, just becos Ramya had to keep up with the best & most difficult orchestration of the Track and she managed to command it. Wow who is she!

    She has sung like Anupama of Chandralekha! Hope she is not allowed to fade away like Anupama!

  • The first 10 seconds of Yennodu va va reminds of the starting piece of Gimme Gimme Gimme of ABBA 🙂 .. Just a coincidence tho!

  • Varun

    I haven’t listened to the Tamil songs.. I doubt if NEP’s Telugu soundtrack Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu is the same as NEP..because I just didn’t like the Telugu soundtrack.. Not at all in the lines of Raja sir (I am a huge fan).. I could listen to only two songs without seeking them forward.. Total disappointment .. And u give it 300??? I can’t help myself thinking that you have been very biased in even listening to NEP soundtrack..leave aside reviewing it.. I wonder how many words might have fetched if it wasn’t a “Raja sir” soundtrack!

    • Problem is that the Telugu song lyrics are so out of sync that I am not able to tolerate them. I am a Telugu guy but understand Tamil. The tamil songs flow much better.

  • Yuvaneshwar

    Magic created after a long time!!!
    Lets enjoy it~
    We can hear “music” in this album.. not “sound” which is dominating nowadays releases..

  • Well this is a first for me .The experience of listening to fresh music is always a humbling one.I am a Hardcore music fan who prefers ARR over IR on a any given day.Though i love listening to IR,It isn’t always my first choice.Rather than the obvious quality of ARR’s music,One of the reason why his music is my first choice is,I grew up listening to his music.I have seen his music evolve over the years .Most of his songs have an association with a particular moment in my life ,However trivial it maybe.Though i have listened to IR’s music during it’s release over the recent past ,The projects he did or rather got was nothing as big when compared to NEP.Though i love Azhagi and many other of his works in the recent past,NEP is his first big release for my generation and i am loving it .And this album will always be special because i can associate with it ,It released in my time .And that will be a bit special.Can only envy the previous generation ,You really had a Kickass MD to listen to.

    Special mention to GVM,If not for him it might have not happened .Because Music really sets the tone for the movie and IR had to get it right .GVM’s movies are big releases and considering it(opting for IR) hasn’t been done another director(like Mani Rathnam,Shankar) before NEP in the recent past ,It was quite a risk at the time.However great IR is,His musical appeal lies greatly with the previous generation than today’s generation ,Who is the real target audience for this movie.(Contemporary Love Story).My point is ARR,Yuvan,GVP or Harris would have been a straightforward choice for this movie than IR.Many thanks to GVM for making a inspired choice and choosing to opt for IR.For he has done a tremendous job and made it amply clear ,Though the generation might be different ,The core feeling is and will always be the same and so will be his music .IR has also proven that he still deliver at the big stage and One can only hope that more director’s take cue from this.

    PS: Ameer became Ameer of today only after Paruthiveeran and it was Karthi’s debut ,So it really doesn’t count.

  • amit_t

    Saayndhu Saayndhu and Vaanam mella are just gems

    rest of the album is fossilized relic from the 80s. I can picturize prabhu ganesan dancing with white suit with hands on his hips to some of the songs

    As someone pointed out, they look like songs written 20 years ago but just being recorded using today’s technology

    This review was written for the ultimate fanboy. to soothe their thirst
    IR has done much better albums in malayalam in recent times.


    Boring soundtrack.. Pretty average work from Raja sir.. I dont understand your #300 for this.. I couldn’t hear any song till the end.. IMO it is just 100.. I tried hard to like it and took time thinking it might grow on me.. but NO.. the whole soundtrack is more boring and as average as it is when I first heard it… I dont think these songs will be remembered as classics or for a long time like many other Raja sir’s songs.. I just dont understand how you gave VTV (AR Rahman) a #100 and this one #300… Talk about bias and “Raja Sir” eulogy… Uff.. Karthik sir, u got it very wrong this time.. U disappointed me big time.. Maybe it was what u felt…and this is what i felt..

  • Hi Karthik, Hope you are doing fine (u shud be fine since u live in the wonderful world of music)

    I dont know about ur response, abt GVM not contributing to the album. I think apart from being a great Raja fan, he has extreme mktg sense.

    I hope you have watched the NEP launch

    He not only makes the launch, a tribute for IR, but also takes the Album to a monumental status with live orchestration. If u read my comments below I said it was ordinary but now I am stuck to the album.

    Or is it becos IR’s tunes have gone the ARR way, repeat listening makes it great!

    Wud like your observation about the Audio launch. Even otherwise it was a great watch to listen the behind-the-scenes experience of how some songs were composed, right from the directors mouth, starting from KB sir to Selvamani!

  • Worst songs in GVM films. Not even a single song is attractive..

    • Zakhm

      you obviously have no sense of hearing

  • Who cares with ur 300 words or 200 words..?? Evrybody knws what quality the songs in previous GVM films have and why those r stil ruling the hearts. This album is noway nearer to Minnale, KK, VV,Pkmc,VA or VTV. Also none of them had a 300 wkrds review frm you.. So it is very clear that u r so biased and commercialised.. Juz exploiting the hype created by the union of IR and GVM

  • to me NEPV/YVM’s greatness lies in new/innovative styles of music for most songs – except yennodu vaa & katrai konjam.
    ‘new’ compared to ilai’s standard template.

    an old-man and should-be-musically-exhausted composer (near to 1000 movies) re-inventing himself and challenging young composers of today’s generation (who are struggling to make ‘new’ music, trends ending up with noise and dhi-chik dhi-chik pounding ppls heads)

    coming to why ilai didnt make waves in north/beyond: could be that, to like his music, people need exposure to atleast one of his core ingredients – Western Classical, JAZZ, Carnatic Classical, South Folk.

    Rahman’s case: most people in his age are already exposed to some or the other western/worldmusic due to internet.

    If you observe – Rahman still DOES NOT appeal to most masses/rural ppl, but ilai does. most of them dont understand rahman’s music and cannot appreciate or enjoy it. his fans are mostly the new gen or urban class ppl who are exposed to global flavors or are capable of analyzing his style/sources/tech/templates etc. these days many have xposure enough to start being a critic 😛

    p.s: i no longer put ilai in film music list. his experimental albums show his true class n potential ! he is a true CLASSICAL COMPOSER alongside the greats of Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Tchaikovksy, Thyagaraja, Muthuswamy Dikshitar etc..

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