Saturday August 25, 2012

OMG Oh My God! (Music review), Hindi – Himesh Reshammiya, Anjjan-Meet Bros & Sachin-Jigar

Posted by Karthik

Go Go Govinda is repetitiveโ€ฆ and addictive! Mika and Shreya rule the song; Aman Trikha kills the reprise. Don’t worry plays on Dum Maro Dum’s memorable prelude and works as a danc’y tune! Tu hi tu, Himesh’s last song is in his awkward, earlier form; messy modern bhajan. Meet Bros Anjjan’s Mere nishaan, fabulously sung by Kailash Kher, sounds like a beautiful, fervent prayer; their other track, Krishna theme is a short, gorgeous flute rendition by Parash Nath. Sachin Jigar’s Hari bol is a foot-tapping track, sung wonderfully by Kirti Sagathia. Oh My Godโ€ฆ this is a surprisingly good soundtrack!

Keywords: Himesh Reshammiya, Anjjan – Meet Bros, Sachin-Jigar, Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Oh My God, OMG



  • looks like you r a Rehman fanboy

  • sourcecode

    perfect review. only sachin-jigar n meet bros helped himesh to balance this album.haha. if it were only himesh,then it wud have been bg flop

    • manas

      why u think so bro? give some example of himesh’s flop songs as a music director…

      • he is pritam fan and scared of HR’s success

  • manas

    Oh My God has different kinda songs… himesh is at his best as a composer.

  • LOL on your review,Aman kills reprise version? reprise version is better than original go and ask any kid who had heard both versions…you are very biased about Himesh….You have absolutely no sense of music,your reviews shows it all!! sorry for being rude

    • Tabish

      Look, I’m a Himesh fan too, quite a huge fan actually, but even I think that Himesh is WAY behind other top music directors in the country, such as Pritam, Vishal-Shekhar, or Salim-Sulaiman. He is probably on par, or above (in terms of purely quality) with perhaps Sajid-Wajid (who produce consistently average/mediocre music). Just have a listen to Himesh’s arrangements, orchestration, instruments, sound production/quality and other aspects of his music – and compare them to Pritam’s, or even Salim-Sulaiman’s.. fair enough, Himesh MIGHT produce CATCHIER music than they do, but in terms of quality, it isn’t anywhere near as it should be. Karthik gives Himesh due credit when he deserves it (obvious examples in this review – for Govinda and Hey Ram) and due criticism when he deserves it (e.g., Tu Hi Tu from this review, Umeed from Dangerous Ishq, other pointless/ridiculously terrible songs).

      Other than that, it’s obviously his opinion. You’re on his website, and if you disagree with it, you have every right to voice your thoughts, but don’t make it sound as if Karthik has a personal agenda against Himesh where he just wants to blast him on every occasion he gets. That is not the case.
      One part of your comment that I DO agree with is that the Aman Trikha version of Go Go Govinda is MUCH, much better than Mika’s – it’s even more popular than Mika’s version, which says a lot. Mika just sounds disinterested and ruins the song entirely. Or you never know, Karthik could have meant “kills the reprise” in a positive way.

      • milliblog

        I did mean it in the actual, negative way ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Buddy you are talking about music quality,usage of instruments etc etc I have an simple explanation,
        every MD/Composer got his/her own style some prefer usage of Much instrumentation in the song,if you consider Pritam,his songs are full of electronic instruments and yes younger generation prefer this kind of music only!! Pritam reads the heartbeat of youth very well….similarly HR has his own style,if you analyze HR’s music Post Bodyguard you will witness that he purposefully minimized the use of orchestration in the songs,and we are in the era where quality is measured in the terms of loudness of the song,being an amateur music producer I can say that HR is not lagging behind in usage of technology,his songs always has strong compositions which is enough to make a song hit!

        and about Karthik,I have read all his previous reviews(about HR’s albums),he gave Not worth 100 words review for Dangerous Ishhq ๐Ÿ˜€ and there are many such examples…

        • Tabish

          Let’s just agree to disagree. Himesh makes music for the masses, but it works! It works for him.. I have no problem with the music he makes. It is very, very mainstream. Some like it, some don’t. His songs are repetitive (a perfect example of it being Go Go Govinda – in terms of quality certainly not the best) but usually the tune/hook itself is SO catchy (which is a good thing, of course) that it turns out to be a huge chartbuster. The same thing happened with Desi Beat/Teri Meri from Bodyguard, Umrao Jaan from DamaDamm, and so many others.

          The only few occasions in the past few years where I can remember Himesh making an actual, classy, and non-mainstream song would be Naina Re (which was a great effort mind you), Aaja Ve from DamaDamm, and Rafa Dafa Kiya Nahin Jaye from Radio (which is my personal all-time favourite). My point here is that Himesh makes songs which a teenager would love to tap his feet and dance to, and can’t/does not have the ability (as of yet) to create a song like Pritam’s ‘Yaariyan’ from Cocktail, a Pareshaan from Ishaqzaade, or even a Pani Da Rang from Vicky Donor.

          And regarding Dangerous Ishq, tell me that you actually genuinely liked ANY of the rest of the album other than Naina Re (superb effort) and perhaps Tu Hi Rab (Tulsi ruined it for me tbh).. tell me with a straight face that you actually enjoyed the gut-wrechingly repetitive Umeed or the incredibly mediocre Lagan Lagi. An album with one quality song amongst 10 other terrible ones doesn’t deserve anything more than a NW1W.

          • bro you have raised very valid point here “(HR)does not have the ability (as of yet) to create a song like Pritam’s
            ‘Yaariyan’ from Cocktail, a Pareshaan from Ishaqzaade, or even a Pani Da
            Rang from Vicky Donor.” yes I agree,but why should he create a song like Pritam,Amit trivedi or part time composer yet talented Aayushman? HR himself is a big identity in India,who has lakhs of followers worldwide…its like saying Hans zeimmer doesn’t have the ability to create music like Linkin park or any other musicians ๐Ÿ™‚
            I suggest you to hear songs like Shakira ve and tere layee from Fool N final.
            and Regarding Dangerous Ishhq yes i genuinely liked all songs! and I also agree that umeed is quite mediocre,Song like Naina re comes very rarely,at any cost the album deserved 3.5/5 at-least,most of the songs in DI are situational comparing those songs with modern club/dance/trance tracks is foolishness.

          • Tabish

            Fool N Final was a decent album, and the two songs you mentioned were a good listen. I don’t know much else I can say about that.

            I believe you’re the only person who liked all the songs in the DI album because I know most people only really enjoyed Naina Re and some enjoyed Tu Hi Rab, only because of the Rahat factor. The rest of the album was genuinely mediocre/bad.

          • well music is personal choice,its hard to convince everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

          • milliblog

            Oh, so now music is personal choice, but my review is biased? Nice going, mister ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Purposefully giving bad reviews is nothing but biased state.

          • Tabish

            He’s not giving anything “purposefully”. He enjoyed Govinda and Hey Ram, and didn’t like Tu Hi Tu.. that’s 2 songs out of a maximum possible 3 that he liked. What do you have a problem with?

          • Okay.. and in which contorted, parallel universe is this review ‘bad’?

          • milliblog


          • Tabish

            Also, in your case you’re comparing Hans Zimmer who’s a legendary MOVIE film score director to Linkin Park who are a rock band. That’s not a fair comparison, both have different jobs and do different things entirely. I’m comparing HR to Pritam and others – both music directors.

          • i liked Naina Re and Lagan Lagi from DI.. The songs were situational and suited the movie’s script..

          • I want to add one more point here,you are telling that HR’s songs are technically not so good,I suggest you that just head to youtube and type in these keywords “Fl studio” “Film score” “trance music on abelton” “cubase” etc etc you will find thousands of musicians with very extensively looped music pieces,foot tapping trance beats,variety of dubstep songs,and very few among them becomes commercially successful musicians,HR’s compositions sounds good even without any supportive instrument.

          • rohit ro

            @arjunKR:disqus bhai i am a huge fan of himesh…..but tabish’s point is 100% true….bhai,himesh’s composition is best among all but he realy need to do something to his arrangemets and orchestration…..seroiusly salim suleman n pritam n others have weak compostion but have awsome arrangements and orchsetration…….these composers always beleive in using live instruments on the other hand himesh’s arrangement is way too electronic…..for example in go go govinda he used “swar plug vst” for shenai,instead he should use live real shenai…..same aplly for all his songs where he has used “real guitar vst” instead of using live accoustic guitar…he has also used steinberg virtual guitar in all his songs instead of using real live accoustc guitar…….hence bro track will not get that quality which others composers use……hence himesh sholuld do something in this department of arrangement and orchestration.

      • rohit ro

        100% agreed

    • milliblog

      And could I assume that you’re biased towards Aman Trikha, going by your comment?

      • I’m biased towards the truth!

        • milliblog

          Really? OK.

        • Abhi

          donn read the reviews here man. Go and write yours own. Himesh and nice music and you say you are biassed towards truth. ROFL

          • some comments really doesn’t make any sense :p
            one doesn’t need to compose music to review music composed by others, then I do not need to write a music review to review music reviews written by others.

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  • Guest

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha fucking himesh fans.himesh sucks.sachin-jigar n meet bros saved this album from flop.hahahaha funny himesh fans

  • sourcecode


    • Listen to Namastey London, Radio, Kajraare, Damadamm.. HR is experimenting

      • Tabish

        Namastey London is 5 years old, Radio 3, Kajraare was meant to come out in 2007 so that’s 5 years, DamaDamm is around a year old. You can’t use the present tense.

        • Well whenever possible he is experimenting. He cant experiment and deliver something for masala movies such as Bol Bachchan and Bodyguard.. The musical output from a MD depends on the film’s director also.. He just needs to get one right chance..

          • If so-called “masala” movies like Cocktail can have experimental music (to fantastic results) I don’t see why Himesh should need a “chance” to showcase his skills. TBH he’s technically too weak to be on the same page as his contemporaries. His sound hasn’t evolved much since 2006-2007, in some cases (Dangerous Ishhq) even getting worse. Comparing the kind of music Pritam/V-S gave back then as compared to what they’re giving now, there has been an absolutely massive change going forward, both in terms of genres explored and sound. HR on the other hand is failing to break free, one album after another. He’s even tried roping in singers we couldn’t even imagine Himesh working with a few years back (Benny Dayal, Ash King (!!), Mohit, Mika) to no respite. I, and many others, believe it’s got a lot to do with orchestration/production more than anything.

  • sourcecode

    absolutely agree with tabish.himesh cant make sngs lik tat.

  • Sam

    Karthik just dnt care some idiots. u r review is always father once told me tat all himesh fans are nothing bt fools.nt even sng remains in mind.whenever I ask to someone if he or she has heard himesh sngs,they reply “who he?yuk. worst sngs” 98 per of times when I asked same question to others,reply was the same. “yuk” .so karthik leave them

  • Sam

    himesh has got no killer stuff when compared to other music dir. himesh n sajid wajid are very goode Jodi. so many bad sngs have been made by these two guys only. hats off to them. :-Dk

  • I’m only seeing web rips, have the CDs hit the market?

  • jay

    you gotta be kidding….good soundtrack!!!??? comon..

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