Saturday August 4, 2012

Naan (Music review), Tamil – Vijay Antony

Posted by Karthik

Harris Jeyaraj’ish gibberish opens Makayala, but beyond its interesting guitar usage, it doesn’t stay. Vijay demonstrates almost Yuvan-like awkwardness in his rendition in Ulaginil, but he has an endearing tune to help him. Thappellaam gets everything right – uniquely sung, while Vijay’s orchestration is equally catchy, particularly the use of a Middle Eastern’ish string instrument. Dinam dinam‘s sweeping pathos feel is reminiscent of Raja’s repertoire in places, more so when the violin joins the tune intricately – makes for a lovely listen. No one is perfect theme just does a haphazard mix of other tunes. Naan’s music only occasionally engages.

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  • nokiasony

    I generally go with your reviews to take a listen to albums. So the same with Naan….but recently when everybody was buzzing about makayala..i took a listen to the sing..and i liked it…I am interested to know your views if you would have taken a chance to listen/watch the song….

    • milliblog

      Yes, I notice Vijay Antony’s item songs very carefully. He has a good ear for such songs going by his track record. This one, however, was underwhelming, in my opinion. Didn’t really catch on to it.

      • kashyap kothakothaga

        coincidentally,i have seen the song yesterday.the song even made me to watch the is much engaging because of good picturisation.
        i never considered him as a good md before ,but after watching the movie ,i changed my opinion.

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