Friday July 27, 2012

Life Is Beautiful (Music review), Telugu – Mickey J Meyer

Posted by Karthik

The title song has a lovely, lilting pop feel accentuated by KK’s wonderful singing. Sri Ramachandra’s alternate version is even better, with fantastic guitar and pulsating sound. Karthik and Naresh Iyer make Beautiful Girl and It’s Your Love work with their magical vocals respectively, even as they traverse the familiar pop ballad sound with the quintessential Mickey J Meyer sound. Atu itu ooguthu, despite that oft-used rhythm, gets its tune beautifully right, along with Sri Ramachandra’s singing. Amidst its lovely mandolin sound, Amma ni kothaga is wonderful listen despite being Mickey’s standard template. Life is beautiful… and uneasily familiar too.

Keywords: Mickey J Meyer, Sekhar Kammula, Life is Beautiful



  • Kasyap kothakothaga

    sekhar wanted the album in the flavor of happydays.i think the three songs of the album are very well composed ,which you have said familiar.please do listen afew times before writing reviews

    • milliblog

      I quite like the album. Just didn’t expect to listen to the same sound again considering his last soundtrack was back in 2010 end.

      • Kasyap kothakothaga

        i have similar feeling towards the album regarding rest of the album .but ,the songs were composed 2 years back and its after his fathers death.

      • Kasyap kothakothaga

        i have listened to several albums ,after reading your reviews.but please dont give wrong reviews such as in the case of tuneega tuneega

        • milliblog

          Unfortunately, there’s nothing called a ‘wrong’ review. Every review is a person’s point of view… not a prediction of how many people the music may appeal to.

  • Uday K Panthagani

    Lovely songs. I don’t mind if they are familiar. It’s not like we are getting loads of original music in Tollywood anyways. This is a welcome respite from the likes of Thaman and DSP.

    And I loved watching the making-of video of this album. But I wonder why our composers turn to western technicians when it comes to recording stuff like this. Vidyasagar did it before as well. Don’t we have good guitar, violin players in India?

  • loOsER joy

    The music sounds familiar but fantastic…I expected this movie music is just like happy days one and M.J Mayer had done a fantastic job…cheers

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