Friday July 20, 2012

Mugamoodi (Music review), Tamil – K

Posted by Karthik

With help from those hypnotic violins and the backing chorus crooning the song’s title repetitively, Vaayamoodi is a uniquely endearing song. Alaap Raju’s dreamy vocals and Karky’s charming imagination in the lyrics lend considerable charm here. Mysskin is surprisingly in tune in Kudi vaazhthu, a melodious, but dreary ode to getting drunk, while Maayavi‘s background music seems to be layered awkwardly over the superhero’s girl’s achy perspective. The instrumental pieces, K’s usual highlight if you go by Yudham Sei, seem weak and as incongruent as a masked, caped superhero dubbing in Tamil. Tepid soundtrack from K, barring a standout Vaayamoodi.

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  • sunilssounds

    One of the most unconventional scores I’ve ever heard for a Super Hero flick. Kudi vaazhthu is my pick. K is maturing with every album and he’s delivering Raaja Saab nuances in his orchestration right from his debut. I’ve become a fan 😀

  • Most of the Soundtracks have gotta typical Hans Zimmer feel… i guess the inspiration went a little overboard… and Mysskin seems to have a fondness for a BAR song in every film, like Shyam Benegal has for lullabies 🙂 Only “Vaaya Moodi” impresses to an extent…

  • Somehow, I feel that more attention could be given to the Mugamoodi OST, considering that the music was very well thought of, and deep in the theme. The songs were pronounced, and yes, like ‘Sunilssounds’ tells, K does have an Ilayaraja touch to him.
    There is something about the music that is dragging and yet endearing. Something that will stick onto the music player for a few more days than other albums!

  • Vaaya moodi has some strain of Hey ram’s Nee partha parvai…

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