Monday July 16, 2012

Gangs of Wasseypur 2 (Music review), Hindi – Sneha Khanwalkar

Posted by Karthik

Chhi chha ledar is the soundtrack’s highlight, with brilliantly unabashed singing by Durga and pulsating music by Sneha that morphs from 80s coolth to uber-techno gradually. The composer lends her edgy vocals to the equally edgy composition in Kaala rey; haunting in every way – music, lyrics and overall feel. 80s qawali sound joins forces with street band music in Aabroo to create an audacious sound interjected with hyper-enthusiastic highs. Moora‘s highly tuneful calypso sound works wonders in the vocals of Robbie Styles and Sneha Khanwalkar, even as the Morning variant goes progressively modern with an incredible sound mix. Taar bijli and Electric piya, unfortunately stretch the curious sound Sneha concocted in the earlier soundtrack and the Fused version of Electric Piya only reiterates this. Keh ke loonga’s new mix in KKL is several shades funkier than the original, while Bahut khoob, its 8 bit variant and Tunya manage to completely mess up the aural nerves. That leaves us with Perpendicular Theme, an instrumental track that makes highly innovative use of the sounds at its disposal. The soundtrack of Gangs of Wasseypur 2 seems more aligned to Sneha’s Sound Trippin work than the earlier soundtrack, but is still wonderfully eclectic.

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  • Awesome soundtrack

    completely irrelevant post to GOW
    did you chked the
    barfi trailor ripped of from this…… of course we are yet to see the credits… 

  • tejas

    Kaala Rey is kickass. The Bahot Khoob song has shades of MIA’s Mango Pickle.

  • I tried listening to Aabroo song. I could not find anything extra ordinary about it, all old fashioned instrumentals and all.. Then i listened to it completely, and one question came to mind. IF such a song came in some movie like ‘Rascals’ or ‘No Problem’, will you be giving the same review for this song??

    • and if someone else, may be Anand Raj Anand or Sajid Wajid gave the music?

      • milliblog

        I found Aabroo quite innovative on 2 counts – one, the period in which it is appearing; such songs are not made anymore even though they were very common at one point in Hindi films. Two, the way Sneha captures the genre of the song, that too with fantastic voices.

        I doubt if ARA or SW may be able to do it, but I should not hold any per-conceived notions that they cannot; that’d be unfair. So, if they did, and it suited the film’s theme (period), I’d perhaps say the very same thing.

        • but then the songs of Dangerous Isshq which came a couple of months ago, was suiting the film’s theme and the period in which the song happens. Listen to Lagan Lagi Tumse Piya, you will find it.. but the album got a N1W1, which was later re-reviewed to mention about Tu Hi Rab.. but i felt Naina Re and Lagan Lagi stood better than Tu Hi Rab.. and they suited the film’s mood also.. may be outdated instruments and all? but its a period film, may be its fine.. ok about Piyush Mishra, i personally feel this Aabroo is his weakest work.. his gulaal, and 2 songs of GOW1 were absolutely fantastic, but this one disappoints me..

  • Jaydeep

    Sneha does a Skrillex in KKL arrangements…nice. Not that I am a big fan of Skrillex but it sure makes me a big Sneha fan as it shows Sneha’s range & knowledge of various genres of music.

  • Kartikeya Juneja new

    best songs ever

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