Sunday June 24, 2012

Bachelor Party (Music review), Malayalam – Rahul Raj

Posted by Karthik

Pathirayo is Shreya Ghoshal’s show – she breezes through the fairly complex and wonderful tune confidently; Rahul’s tune change in the Pathirayo part is brilliant! Actress Ramya Nambeesan is getting better, as a singer, in every soundtrack; in Vijanasurabhi she owns the Hamsanandhi based fusion song beautifully! Bachelor life‘s techno remix of a standard Aiyappan tune is a funky listen, but We don’t give a fcuk is pointless hiphop. Kappa kappa ends the soundtrack on a superb note – a frenzied, catchy mishmash with fantastic vocals by Resmi Sateesh. Rahul Raj is back, thankfully, after that Oh My Friend debacle!

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  • Songs have been on repeat mode!!!! Kappa Kappa is so damn awesome….

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  • Pranav Nair

    Another Awesome album this week after Cocktail. Rahul Raj rocks!!!

  • vageesan r

    Can see a lot of “Minsara kanna” from Padayappa in Vijanasurabhi? Maybe because of the same raaga/fusion? Neverthless, Ramya Nambeesan rocks this!!!

  • How can anybody miss ‘ DIAMOND NECKLACE’?  Have you listned to the song  ‘ NIla maalre’   ?

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