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Asathum azhagu flows with a simplistic, faux-rustic tune and the background music holds a lot of appeal. Yeno en idhayam, with tantalizing sax, works as a lovely pop ballad, while Yanakkullae offers something very similar – simple, sing-along’ish pop. Yele yepulla‘s lively tune is a winner – particularly the variations for anupallavi and charanam. Yethu […]

Gangster, beyond the glitzy sound, is annoyingly repetitive and familiar; not to forget the downright silly lyrics. Yedho mayakkam is no different – the template is shockingly stale, with Thirumoorthy’s nadaswaram offering the sole respite. Unakkulle mirugam adds to the steadily escalating woes, but the soundtrack finds its mooring wonderfully in two tracks – Madurai […]

Chill out and Kicko gicko are shockingly and irritatingly trite in every conceivable way. Cinderella seems to be learning from the triteness of the earlier two tracks and makes a reasonably smart balance between its lyrics and a nice, free-flowing tune. Yegiri pove too is a competent combination of an interesting tune and more importantly, […]

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