Friday May 4, 2012

Raattinam (Music review), Tamil – Manu Ramesan

Posted by Karthik

Asathum azhagu flows with a simplistic, faux-rustic tune and the background music holds a lot of appeal. Yeno en idhayam, with tantalizing sax, works as a lovely pop ballad, while Yanakkullae offers something very similar – simple, sing-along’ish pop. Yele yepulla‘s lively tune is a winner – particularly the variations for anupallavi and charanam. Yethu yethu, unfortunately, is too common-place for its foot-tapping appeal, despite some snazzy guitar and interesting lyrics. Yakkai suttrum, with its Tamil TV serial title song’ish appeal holds limited interest. Raattinam is hardly representative of the promise Manu showed in his earlier soundtracks like Kavya’s Diary.

Keywords: Raattinam, Manu Ramesan



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