Wednesday May 2, 2012

Endukante Premanta (Music review), Telugu – G V Prakash Kumar

Posted by Karthik

Chill out and Kicko gicko are shockingly and irritatingly trite in every conceivable way. Cinderella seems to be learning from the triteness of the earlier two tracks and makes a reasonably smart balance between its lyrics and a nice, free-flowing tune. Yegiri pove too is a competent combination of an interesting tune and more importantly, grand background music. The highlight of the soundtrack is definitely Nee choopule! Haricharan and Chitra work superbly together in this gorgeous tune and the GV Prakash’s vibrant imagination is on display in the choice of backgrounds. Largely tepid and run-of-the-mill soundtrack but for Nee choopule.

Keywords: GV Prakash Kumar, Endukante Premanta



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