Sunday April 22, 2012

Department (Music review), Hindi – Dharam Sandeep, Bappa Lahiri, Vikram Nagi

Posted by Karthik

Dharam Sandeep sail through Dan dan cheeni shoot mix (!) only because Ram Gopal Varma asks them to use a hook from Ilayaraja’s ‘Aasai nooru vagai’ from the almost 3 decades old Adutha Vaarisu. Worse, it is not officially credited in the CD. The rest of the soundtrack – Kammo and Mumbai Police, by Bappa Lahiri, Ek do teen chaar, the Theme of Department, by Dharam Sandeep and Bad boys, by Vikram Nagi are all excruciatingly bad. It’s ironic that despite having so many composers, the best thing about this soundtrack is a 29 year old hook from an uncredited composer!

Keywords: Ram Gopal Varma, Department, Ilayaraja



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