Monday April 16, 2012

Manam Kothi Paravai (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

Posted by Karthik

Dang dang, featuring Maalavika and Saisharan’s vocals builds on its simple, folk’ish tune wonderfully well, backed by catchy, resonant rhythms where the composer adds finely nuanced modern sounds that add to the overall effect. Jal jal jal osai gets the tune + backgrounds combination perfectly well too; excellent work by Imman and the singers, Aalaap Raju and Surmukhi. Santhosh Hariharan gets fabulous support from Imman again, in Ooraana oorukkulla, in the form of rocking, rustic percussion, and Yugabharathi, for the memorable lyrics that hint at unrequited love in a curious mix of joy and melancholy. Yenna solla has a stunningly beautiful tune, accentuated by Vijay Prakash and Chinmayi’s lovely singing and the composer’s ingenuity in orchestrating it, particularly the choice of instruments around the first interlude and anupallavi. Javed Ali’s Po po po is the soundtrack’s superb highlight, despite the singer’s obviously bad Tamil pronunciation. Imman’s tune is mesmerizing and his stupendous background music, even more so! Manam Kothi Paravai’s soundtrack surpasses anything that composer Imman has produced so far, including his most famous soundtrack, Mynaa. The tunes and music he puts together here demonstrate a maturity not seen in the composer’s work so far and makes for fantastic listen!

Keywords: Manam Kothi Paravai, Siva Karthikeyan, D.Imman, Imman, 200, #200



  • Shan Vimal

    You should listen to his first album – Kadhale Swasam…If you are not yet listened once, do it immediately

  • i have no idea why this is #200. Do you consider the lyrical quality when judging a song or is it just the tune and the orchestration? 

    • milliblog

      Lyrics, not so much, since I can do that only with languages I’m fluent in (Tamil and Hindi). So, my general yardstick is tunes and orchestrations. On those fronts, I love this soundtrack.

  • jeanjohny

    There is so much of ‘Mudhal Idam songs feel’ in these songs.. maybe I was so addicted to those songs at that time!:) The arrangements, particularly!

  •  #200? Hmmm,.. interesting number for an average soundtrack….!!! IMHO 🙂

  • Would you put this soundtrack ahead of ‘3’? I wouldn’t.

  • Ooraana seems to be modernised Nagoor Hanifa’s “Iraivanidam Kaiyenthungal”!

    • Savant1

      I can hear shades of that.. But the tune seems very familiar and i still cant seem to isolate it…

  • On par with Mynaa for me. Kaiya Pudi was such a brilliant song; I listen to it even today. Yenna Solla has the potential to become that.

  • meher

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