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Angelina‘s highlight is clearly Krish’s breezy vocals; the tune is a nice, lilting reggae mix. Amitabh Narayan mauls Tamil in Ivaluga imsai, but the minimal-orchestration, street-smart tune is addictive! The title song is as bland as a nursery rhyme, but Steeve Vatz and Suchitra rock Mokka manusha, an unusual song with absurd lyrics and an […]

Dharam Sandeep sail through Dan dan cheeni shoot mix (!) only because Ram Gopal Varma asks them to use a hook from Ilayaraja’s ‘Aasai nooru vagai’ from the almost 3 decades old Adutha Vaarisu. Worse, it is not officially credited in the CD. The rest of the soundtrack – Kammo and Mumbai Police, by Bappa […]

Original review (April 21, 2012): NW1W. Keywords: Himesh Reshammiya, Karishma Kapoor Revised review (April 22, 2012): Tu hi rab takes time to start and even as that painfully outdated tabla starts, only Rahat seems to be helping, since Tulsi Kumar is atrocious. Naina re does have a spark, with a deeply melodic tune, but it […]

Suchitra’s oomphy vocals too don’t fully salvage a seriously wannabe-sounding Aaranu nee, but thankfully, Doore engo takes a different direction – it’s a wonderfully tuned song that gets its build-up and delivery right, thanks also largely to Sanjeev T’s singing. Akalayo nee gets even better, a pleasant tune beautifully sung by Vijay Yesudas and orchestrated […]

Dang dang, featuring Maalavika and Saisharan’s vocals builds on its simple, folk’ish tune wonderfully well, backed by catchy, resonant rhythms where the composer adds finely nuanced modern sounds that add to the overall effect. Jal jal jal osai gets the tune + backgrounds combination perfectly well too; excellent work by Imman and the singers, Aalaap […]

Dekho dekho is the usual Baba Sehgal-DSP combo and follows a pattern that has become stake by now. Mandu baabulam has a nice, coarse folk touch to it, thanks to Kota Srinivas’ vocals, while Pillaa is way too templatized and staid to even start commenting. Munni badnaam’s Telugu equivalent, Kevvu keka is atrociously bad, to […]

Chokra jawan amply demonstrates Vishal Dadlani and Sunidhi’s vocal chemistry – they are electric in this rustic coming-of-age celebration with inventive lyrics; its tune moves to a spectacular band-bajaa sound with an endearing free-flowing’ness! Jhalla wallah does seem to ape Bunty Aur Babli’s Kajra re – and there are many instrumental cues to it as […]

Rokda is breezy and easy on the ears with some neat guitar in the background. Kho jaane de is reminiscent of Amit Trivedi and that itself is the song’s success, while Rum & Whiskey and Chaddha work for their catchy, techno-Punju flavor. Pani da rang, composed by Rochak Kohli and Ayushmann Khurana (film’s hero; sung […]

NW1W. Keywords: Vikram Bhatt, Hate Story

Saturday April 7, 2012 17:44

Tezz (Music review), Hindi – Sajid-Wajid

Tere bina is wonderful blind-beggar-in-Mumbai-local material; ranks right along Dil deewana na jaane kab kho gaya from Daag The Fire – pedestrian. The title song extends the already overused Misirlou to ridiculous lengths, unimaginatively and heads nowhere. Mohit Chauhan does some damage control in Main hoon shab – strictly a functional melody, if you move […]

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