Friday March 30, 2012

Sollakathai (Music review), Tamil – Ramesh Vinayagam

Posted by Karthik

Athimara thoppinela makes fabulous use of children’s voices and even the tune is a joyous riot, enthusiastically orchestrated. Chinmayi and Ramesh Vinayagam’s Yaarodum idhuvarai seems like a gorgeously modern take on Mohana Kalyani raaga that Ilayaraja usually reserves for his retro-styled songs. Kanneeril thaan mudiyum has a dramatic sound and is well sung, but the tune is a bit too all over the place,. While Vaanam endhan has a standard, serviceable tune at best, Suchitra and Ranjith’s Idhuvarai idhuvarai aayiram pengal offers an intriguing and quirkily mild kuthu sound! Listenable soundtrack from the composer we always expect a lot more.

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