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Oru Kal Oru Kannaadi (Music review), Tamil – Harris Jayaraj

Posted by Karthik

Kaadhal oru butterfly is an endearing mix charming guitar, catchy hook and interludes and a slow, lovely tune – nothing earth shatteringly new here, but what is conjured works very well! Azhage azhage and Akila akila aren’t that lucky – the orchestration and tune reek of excessive familiarity, but the former’s bridge at the end of anupallavi is indeed neat! Adadaa oru gets its groove right, however – Karthik’s confident crooning in a brilliantly country’ish orchestration! Venaam machan is even better – a kick-ass love-failure kuthu song with hilarious lyrics! Oru Kal Oru Kannaadi is wonderfully competent package from Harris!

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  • jeanjohny

    A sense of Deja vu after initial listening! ūüôĀ

  • Adadaa oru starting is very very similar to¬†Westlife’s¬†
    Hit you with the real thing . HJ has got to come out his usual sound.all his songs sounds similar to me.

    • catchyesh

      I think HJ took things to heart when people complained that “Karu Karu Vizhigalal” from PKMC sounded like “Hit You With The Real Thing”. So he decided that there should be absolutely no doubt that he has plagiarized the tune. So here’s the official Tamil remake of HYWTRT without the 3 changed notes in “Karu Karu Vizhigalal”.

      • For someone who plagiarized a song the second time (!), this is a very apt comment ūüôā

    • ¬†Harris occasionally lifts a song.¬† More often, he recycles his stuff.¬† This is a clear case of doing both in the same song!

    • I dont know why people have prejudice on¬†Harris¬†songs.. hearing one time then saying its old song even if the resemblanceis mere 3 seconds.. Ok What song is resembling kadhal butterfly and veenam machan.. Or In Nanban asku laska, frienda pola, illeyana or in KO ennamo yeatho, yearum padaigal and so on.. I saying this for your statement ‘ALL his songs sound similar’

      • mohamed zarook mohamed rizmy

        Kadhal butterfly resembles anbe en anbe. In fact his en frienda pola uses the tune arrangement of azeem-o-shan shahenshah minus a few instruments. But really a neat job by harris, loved the song. Its difficult to avoid resemblence nor influence of ones own work or others work. It is common to all music directors but with harris it is a little too obvious. But if we like the package we should just enjoy it and move on rather complaining.

    • jeanjohny

      ¬†I felt the same too, it starts like Westlife song, but progresses in a different way! Maybe we can overlook the starting of the song. Like we forgave him for Karu Karu! ūüôā

  • After a damp squib for 7am Arivu & a decent Nanban, OKOK was a big surprise. 4 songs are awesome.

    BTW, no one felt that Kadhal Oru Butterfly had traces of Rooba Rooba-Un Siripinal?

    • jeanjohny

       yeah, the oo oo part is from Rooba Rooba.. and the anupallavi starts similar to un siripinal..

  • Sridhar_R

    Good package, quite different from usual Harris.

  • Sridhar_R

    Azhage azhage very soulful! touches to the depths of heart.

  • Director Rajesh finally gets some good music for his film, unlike his first two boring albums from Yuvan Shankar Raja. Hope this Harris Jayaraj-Rajesh combo continues.

  • SaranyaP

    Jus don’t give a damn to all your trash.. Amazing songs. I am totally madly deeply in love with all the songs except “venam machan”..

  • Neat job by harris a big surprise is Vendam Machan¬†
    i will blame directors who worked with harris so far has not ask him for these type of song, he is really good in that genre wow abosulutely awesome 
    kadhal butterfly , azage , akila , vendam machan are my picks super songs

    A¬†guaranteed¬†good songs for your playlist is here just enjoy guys ūüôā

  • Sridhar_R

    ‘Akila akila’ very simple song with usual Harris kind of grooves and instrumentation. But there is something about this song that makes me play it again and again. I feel like some big tension is out of my mind by listening to this song. Good work Harris. Hope u provide more¬†beautiful¬†songs in your¬†upcoming¬†films. ¬†

  • sunilssounds

    When I first heard the album, I thought Harris should give up composing and should just become a sound engineer. His sound quality can only be matched by 1 or 2 MDs, to say the clarity of his songs is crystal clear, is an understatement. Sadly, I feel his recent tunes were heavily inspired and his arrangements not sounding creative therefore couldn’t hear them repeatedly. Furthermore, he was releasing 1 track albums, where 1 track is super and the others turning to be lackluster in comparison.

    But after listening to OKOK album for the second time I think this is arguably his best work in recent times and I’m not being sarcastic. Surprisingly Akila Akila is my pick of the album! Conversely, each to their own. It’s been a while since I drowned completely in an album, OKOK definitely broke the silence. I can say this is his best album since Dhaam Dhoom, well for me it is anyway. Yes there is a recycling smell coming from the tunes but I think I’m one of those ppl who feels at home with the unwilling Harris because I’m a sucker for his trademark melodic shifts.

  • Charan Babu

    Starting chorus of Thikku Thikku from Dhaam Dhoom=Hit you with the real thing=Adada Oru!..Sweet Jesus

    • mahesh s

      to be frank hj is going back to the old street. he is not putting up any variety in his works. hanging on to his melodies. he has to do something different. and he has to give an extra power to each and every composition. take yuvan instead he bring varieties and he is a versatile composer. i dont know what he is going to do with his upcoming films. try to bring out a great theme music. most of all the works that he had put forward  was a failure. i think nanban songs had some varieties but copied. how can he take from devotional songs mannnnnnnnnnnn. erandam ulakam, thuppaki these films must have a great theme song a powerful one  or just come up with a great instrumental work.pls

      not even a single song in orukal oru kannade can be matched with sms. the song orukal orukannade in sms man great absolutely great. i am an harris fan but i have to say this yunan has more creativity  than HJ. sry to say that. its true.

  • Tired of Harris recycling his own tunes… though he isnt… nothing great in this album… he is just improvising his own tunes… on top of it copying a song for the second time… waah waah…!! Bravo…

  • arun revi

    Oh not OK, HJ ;(
    Harris seems to be running out of ideas…clearly a desperate attempt to create a workin’ score for a masala flick..n’ he tries reusing previous tracks by bits, a potion of patented gibberish¬† but not really close winning ! (Akila akila..with traces of Asli fisli et al, Azhage azhage cooked in the same pot used for Etho etho ondru fm Lesa lesa, Adada Oru is a worse attempt than HJ’s previous shot Karu Karu vizhigal¬† at aping Westlife’s Hit You With The Real Thing )
    Pointless to note the other similar instances if HJ has no plans to change ways…
    Lyric wise, Venam maccha was funny in parts. Kadhal butterfly was musically appealing in parts.
    OKOK Not OK…Strictly for HJ fans or whoever is left of that fast diminishin’ community.

    • Umesh_C

      Hey come on! if you look at it that way almost every single song you listen is some way related to another song. Its quite obviously noticeable in Harris songs, that might be coz his tunes are so simple or coz of the impact his previous tunes has on us. When his old songs are soo deeply rooted in our minds and when we listen to his new songs with little shades of his old songs its quite easily noticeable. But if you keenly observe the same thing with songs of Rahman or Yuvan or any recent composers. Its same with all of them. Poor Harris gets the criticism more.   

      • arun revi

        When compared to ARR or for that matter YSR, HJ has rarely treaded out of his comfort zone , maybe due to his fan pull or the nature of the projects he signs up for (Hero centric commercial films by large).
        As a result, his musical style sounds jaded, a perfect sample case of ‘repetitive stress injury’. Also the number of released tracks composed by ARR or even Yuvan is far more than what HJ has done till date but the fatigue is more evident in HJ’s works. Assuming you would agree to this.
        Not takin’ anythin’ away fm HJ for gems like Varanam aayiram and Engeyum Kaadhal of late) BUT the problem is when HJ’s reused tracks resurface more frequently than genuine tracks. IMHO,so far in the last couple of years, HJ has been shielded by the relative BO success of his films inspite of the diminishing quality of original music he writes. The day when this favourable balance shifts, maybe we can find HJ goin’ for a reboot

        Cheers ūüėČ

  • Umesh_C

    I like the way Harris uses synth leads in folk numbers. Just listen from 0:58-1:10 in ‘Vennam machan’ the analog synth lead is a typical Harris touch.

  • Umesh_C

    A good album from Harris. He always wins in making his songs soul stirring. He has to improve in some aspects. But i am completely hooked with these songs. 

  • I like the way Harris made the ‘OK…OK’ sound like Smooth Criminal in ‘Akila Akila…’.

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