Saturday March 3, 2012

O Homem do Futuro (Movie review – Portuguese), Director: Cláudio Torres

Posted by Karthik

As a massive fan of time travel, it is only natural that I track and watch every film based on time travel. Having seen a LOT of such films, you may not notice my all-time favorite time travel-based film listed in *any* top 10 or top 50 time travel movies list – it is a Catalan language telefilm called Tempus Fugit.

Here’s me gushing about Tempus Fugit.

If Tempus Fugit is right at the top, here are a host of films at no.2 – films like Los Cronocrímenes (Time Crimes), Primer, Back To The Future (grudgingly…it’s more of a big budget spectacle than about time travel) collectively occupy the second spot.

This review is about the 3rd. I saw the 2011 Portuguese film from Brazil, O Homem do Futuro (The Man From The Future), recently. And loved it enough to put it at no.3 and bother writing about it too!

After watching so many time travel films, I have seen the evolution – from excessively focusing on the time travel hardware and related aspects (best dealt with, extensively in Back To The Future series), this sci-fi sub-genre has moved to the finer aspects peculiar to it – temporal anomalies and temporal paradoxes and continue to make mincemeat of the concept.

O Homem do Futuro is no exception. But what makes this film so thoroughly enjoyable is the goofiness with which it deals with all the temporal mess. It’s the usual underdog story who tries to go back in time to change the one big event in life that he believes is the cause for his present, sorry state – but the film layers it with a couple of nuances that are as enjoyable as they are implausible. Plus, it has a slightly cop-out’ish feel-good ending, but it goes really well with the flow and tone of the film.

The film no doubt ignores the hardware and mechanizations of time travel and these are dealt with strictly like an obvious accessory. But this allows the film to focus on the riotous human element and if it involves a girl – a very pretty one; a college queen, at that – then you could expect it to work even better. And it works!

If you get a chance to watch this film, please do! This is a commercial release after all, so you know there are places to access and watch this film. But, if you get a chance to watch Tempus Fugit (it being a low budget made-for-TV film), grab that opportunity!



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