Friday February 24, 2012

Agent Vinod (Music review), Hindi – Pritam

Posted by Karthik

The officially credited Rasputin homage, I Will Do The Talking Tonight, is surprisingly effective – a pulsating, catchy track that makes whimsical use of the original’s hooks! Pungi is quirky fun; funky vocals led by Mika, and an addictive, foot-tapping sound/genre strongly reminiscent of Viju Shah’s Aar Yaa Paar number, Tamma Tamma Ele! Pritam seldom goes wrong with his dreamy desi-pop ballads and Raabta is no exception – this is a gorgeous track with superb vocals by Arijit Singh. It has 3 more (yes – 3!) variants – the Night In Motel version featuring Hamsika Iyer Aditi Singh Sharma* is tantalizingly beautiful, but the one featuring Shreya Ghoshal (Kehte Hain Khuda Ne) is, strangely, too filmy for comfort – it’s perhaps the association Shreya’s vocals have established! The final version adds Joi to the mix (Siyaah Raatein) is a great listen too. The scintillating techno-mujra Dil mera muft ka, with Nandini Shrikar’s lead vocals is the soundtrack’s punchy highlight; its other rustic, jhatak-matak version, with Malini Avasthi’s vocals is not bad either, though this is called a ‘remix’ and it should have been the other way around! Agent Vinod Theme is a nice, background’ish hodge-podge. Pritam lets his wildly enjoyable music do the talking in Agent Vinod!

Keywords: Pritam, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Agent Vinod, 200, #200

*As per @MusicAloud. Gaana has it wrong then, I suppose. Sad.



  • tejas

    Umm..let’s agree to disagree and move on to the next soundtrack.

    (By the way, Pungi and Theme are good, the former specially because it sounds *inspired* from an awesome song.)

    • milliblog

      Hahaha…ok, deal 🙂

  • Is it the same Arijit Singh we had in the reality show ‘Fame gurukul’ few years back ?

    • Jaydeep

       I believe he is the same guy. If he is then, he surely has come a long way.

      • rnjbond

        If only you knew…

        • milliblog

          Prescient! 🙂

  • Azhar shah

    Agent Vinod title of the movie was shocking for me, but once heard on
    then I come to know it’s one movie of saif and kareena.

  • First 200 for Pritam? Waav

    • Justin Rao

      Not first. Third, if I am not wrong.

    • No. It is third. Other two were for Tum Mile and Love Aaj Kal. 
      But I still cannot think why Life In A Metro, Jab We Met and Jannat did not get 200.

  • huzefa jairajpuri

    i m waiting when wil pritam go wrong..he is awsm..he has got some secret formula wid him..neways,raabta is pleasing..grt job done in motel version.

    i wait for pritams music lyk ne hungry waiting for food..luv him..finally got smthng new to play in my car

  • RajatShah

    He usually delivers when it comes to commercial limited listen material. I’m still waiting for Pritam to outdo or match his Life in a Metro OST.

    • Chisel Bhatia

       he ll do it with jannat 2 and barfee i am sure…

  • huzefa jairajpuri

    i too feel its aditi singh sharma after listening to her song yahi meri zindagi h-dev d.

  • tarunr

    I think Raabta has 3 female versions, Night in Motel by Aditi, Siyaah Raatein by Hamsika and Kuch To Hai by Shreya. And there is one version with Arijit and Joy only!

  • huzefa jairajpuri

    all credits are messed up..there is only joy’s voice in the male versions and arijits name is also mentioned. wait for the cds now.i was talking about night in a motel version..siyaah ratein luks to b sung by hamsika only..

  • Raj Sharma

    Pungi directly ripped off from Barobax – Soosan Khanoom
    chkout original

    • mohamed zarook mohamed rizmy

      Yeah it is a rip. No wonder its the best song from the album except to the rap portion and he fails to credit it. The rasputin sampling pritam has not done enough justice, should have done more. Then again can’t complain, it is a tough job and he has come out with a good album barring the multiple versions.

    • vanistheman


  • Angela Sharma

    Arrangements of Rabbta take me to very popular “Last Christmas” by Wham

  • jeanjohny

    Not so amazing album! 

  • why are you pepole comparing pungi to foreign tune, just hum the tune of pungi & you wil find it similar to ” jaha teri naaazar hai meri jaan mujhe khabar hai”

  • Sylenthira Sathashivam

    Raabta somewhat sounds similar to Taylor Swift’s ‘Love story’ from Fearless..

  • The theme appears to be a rehashed version of Apollo 440 – Time is running out –
    Although, I must admit that I like pritam’s version better

  • “I will do the talking tonight” is inspired on so many levels despite the Rasputin song. The start of of the song is ditto to the Jennifer Lopez song – On The Floor   which is in turn inspired by the Lambada song and after the Rasputin bit the song sounds strangely similar to the Enrique Iglesias song – Tonight (i’ám loving you ) . I am not implying he did this on purpose or he needed three songs to make one , But the similarity is so obvious. 

    • vanistheman

      the 3 songs mentioned are absolutely perfect..enrique is surely there in the starting two lines with i’ll do the talking tonight till tu cheeni ishq di chak le zara..(ala i know u want me….)

  • Jaydeep

    Going by the entertainment value, its a well deserved 200.

  • Girish Sapkale

    Anyone hear similarities between ” I’ll do the talking tonight” and “Tonight(I am loving you)” by Enrique

  • Azzi

    Best song I liked from agent vinod wa pungi bajake. This is one of my best song what i liked any of the movie from saif ali khan.

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