Wednesday January 11, 2012

Marina (Music review), Tamil – Girishh G

Posted by Karthik

Haricharan and Manasi’s sprightly Kaadhal oru starts normally enough, but it is in the anupallavi that the tune’s full flow reveals itself – wonderfully addictive. Yelelo‘s music arrangement is first rate and so is the catchy tune that blends beautifully with the rhythm and orchestration. Nanban is an excellent combination of Yugabharathi’s moving lyrics and Girish’s serene music in the background – sung really well by Vijay Prakash. Marina marina theme, with Madras Youth Choir, Manasi and Monissha, and the Life in Marina theme work as fabulous showcases to Girish’s composing skills; the youth choir do a particularly good job in the former, while Vishnu’s flute and Bhaskar’s violin form an integral, dazzling part in the latter. The highlight of the soundtrack is the intriguingly tuned anthem for Chennai, Vanakkam vaazha vaikkum Chennai, perhaps the best ode to the city since Anubhavi Raja Anubhavi’s Madras Nalla Madras, back in 1967! Na.Muthukumar’s lyrics strike the perfect balance between telling us the inevitable truth about the city and expressing heartfelt gratitude for just being itself! The tune is strikingly complex, with long-drawn lines and a curious sound, but it all adds to making the song truly memorable! Remarkable debut by composer Girishh!

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  • G.Vinodh Vinodh

    Karthik, does not Marina Theme BGM sound like “Ayutha Ezthu” music……

  • umesh kesavan

    What about “Madrasa suthi paaka poren” from “May Maadham” ? Is it not good enough to qualify as an ode to Madras ?

    • milliblog

       I did consider that, but I see that song more as a touristy song, from a stranger just wondering about prominent locations in the city. Madras nalla Madras and this film’s song actually pass an opinion on the dichotomy of living in the same city we love to diss – true ode!

      • umesh kesavan

        Ya I do agree that Madrasa Suthi Paaka Poren is a fun kinda song but some lines in it (“Inga illa Joli – Pocket Gaali – Aana Life-o Jolly Jolly ) capture the spirit of Madras in it’s own light-hearted way !

  • what about sorgame endraalum? I think this album has the freshness that I last saw in bale pandiya.

  • Where can I listen to/buy this album (I’m in the US)? I’ve been trying to find the album all day!

  • jeanjohny

    Nanban songs deliver the emotions too, Yelelo has a punch to it and the different versions of Marina theme, esp the Kabuli one, are superb! For me Kaadhal oru is ordinary and Vanakkam vaazha was engaing and takes all our attention to it.

    I think Girishh is relatively very young guy and surprisingly, shows  maturity in his compositions.

  • Vijay Ganesh Subramanian

    Very good album, good lyrics; Marina, vanakkam chennai both rock big time. 

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