Tuesday December 27, 2011

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi

Posted by Karthik

The title song is breezy and foot-tapping in a predictable way, while Gubbare ushers in strong Aisha recall for assorted reasons, with a horn-filled, dreamy feel. Ash King pulls off a neat desi-Elvis in Aunty Ji, even as the track references multiple genres in a likeable hodgepodge. Aahatein lays it thick with the filmy, Karan Johar’ish mellow pathos, with Shilpa Rao and Karthik trying their best to salvage whatever possible. Kar chalna shuru bears Amit’s earlier form and is a cracker of a listen with a particularly beautiful antara! A soundtrack that is lot more Dharma Productions than Amit Trivedi.

Keywords: Imran Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Amit Trivedi, Karan Johar, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu



  • tejas

    By no means am I impressed that much with the album, but there is something addictive about the tunes, lyrics and orchestration that I am loving. And this time it’s not coming as a fan’s perspective. There is something in the in those things combined that makes it slightly better than a standard V-S affair that you write 200 words for. 😛

    • milliblog

      Haha! From what I remember, only 2 soundtracks of Vishal Shekhar have got a 200 – Anjaana Anjaani and Ra.One. I’m a lot underwhelmed with this soundtrack…and had indicated this potential problem earlier too 🙂

      Could Amit Trivedi do less of Aisha please?http://itwofs.com/milliblog/2010/07/09/could-amit-trivedi-do-less-of-aisha-please/

      • tejas

        Just tang khichoing 😉

        V-S’s name comes up first because last year or so they were around the same point – Anjana Anjani, Break ke Baad, I hate Luv Stories – all three albums were good by themselves to some extent, but their coming on tail of each other was lethal.

        To see that this is Amit Trivedi’s only second pure romantic album, I am in a more forgiving mood, than I would have been had he delivered another underwhelming Udaan, or NOKJ. For this one, I would say an error in judgment rather than a meek or weak effort.

        • milliblog

          Agree on the error in judgment part. I’d also place a chunk of the blame with Dharma who seem to successfully stifle creativity to toe their specific templates that they think is good for the film.

          • tejas

            Nah. Dharma has been doing that at large scale with our films for long time. It is solely the responsibility of AT to stay away from a project that leaves no scope of innovation. Who knows! He might have seen some opportunity to do things differently with this album and it didn’t come through that well. 

            After all, we don’t blame Dharma for pigeon-holing Imran Khan, do we! 😉

          • milliblog

            I would 🙂 Look at what he did in Delhi Belly, outside Dharma!

          • tejas


            Since there is mention of horn-filled sounds, enjoy this – 

      • Ra.One was 200 ??? seriously ??

    • Dev Jyothichand

      Agreed. Even I find this weirdly addictive, though I’m not totally impressed by the tracks I have heard. As far as Vishal Shekhar’s music is concerned, the only 200’s are for Anjaana Anjaani and Ra. One. While I wasn’t impressed with Ra.One, Anjaana Anjaani did have a few endearing tracks, while only the slow title song and Tujhe Bhula Diya have had long lasting appeal for me. Still, yes, this album seems slightly more likable than Vishal Shekhar’s love themed soundtracks.
      So anyway, I think Amit Trivedi could have done better. But part of the problem is that he chose a Dharma Productions film, where they don’t encourage experimentation with tracks. Also, a bit of nitpicking: why does the title song’s video look a bit similar to the Las Vegas song in Anjaana Anjaani “I Feel Good”? Just would like to know about these obsession with a similar theme.

  • Prithvi Malhotra

    My take – 

  • sounds like standar Vishal Shekhar album, but then promises to be popular, maybe Trivedi needs some of that too.

  • Karan Johar doesn’t know how to make small budget films. It’s a well known fact.

     Amit Trivedi had to resort to giving “Aisha” like sounds and whatnot just to get that “fat” paycheck of his.

    Can’t believe it’s the same guy who wowed me with “Ik tara” and “Dev D”.

  • Jaydeep

    IMO, I think its the genre, rom-coms, that has become so pedestrian. Thats what Dharma & Yashraj need to quit. They are the same production houses that gave us Agneepath(new) & Tashan respectively.

  • AbLob1

    can’t understand whats going on in album, tried to hear few time and after that some song is average cant say good. I would say worst album ever from Karan johar’s Dharma production till now. 

  • Ra Hul

    Aahatein is amaazing. your stereotyping of anything that comes from Johar camp sucks big time.

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