Wednesday December 21, 2011

Dhanush’s archrival Simbu to kill murderous rage with love!

Posted by Karthik

Update (Dec.28, 2011):
Here’s the Love Anthem, by Simbu! There’s no word of the Rihanna and Akon association, and there’s no mention of the composer either, considering Simbu is an actor, not a composer. The song does sound good, however. And I notice Sony Music trying a Kolaveri’sh tactic of adding mobile downloads and subtitles! Next Kolaveri in the making?

Original post:

After his rival Dhanush became world famous with the Kolaveri song (which has spawned so many international versions too now!), it is interesting to see ‘Young Super Star’ STR (his name is simply Silambarasan Rajendar, son of T.Rajendar, but he is also known as Simbu, depending on how much one likes or hates him. Note: Simbu is not meant to be confused with the Tamil word for a round utensil, Sombu, that is part of the mighty Tamil utensil triumvirate – Sombu-Davara-Tumbler!), team up with Akon and Rihanna, to create what he’s calling ‘World Love Anthem’, if one goes by this piece of news on Deccan Chronicle!

And there is a teaser for this World Love Anthem as well, on SoundCloud, posted by a user named ‘Str Simbu’. Here’s the teaser!

The world Love Anthem – Str (audio teaser) by Str Simbu

So….what does the future hold for this Kolaveri-killer (killing the murderous rage with love, I see!)? Considering STR has roped in international names like Akon and Rihanna (if it is true, that is!), he seems to be jump-starting Kolaveri’s international exposure using a lot of money!

Update 1: It looks like the Rihanna, Akon and Simbu connections are mighty exaggerated! From what I gather, this seems to be the 16 language song from Shankar’s upcoming 3 Idiots remake in Tamil, Nanban. The song is penned by Madhan Karky, and supposedly sung by Vijay Prakash and Chinmayi. Now I’m not sure what the Simbu connection is, since the voice in the teaser does sound like him. At least one another site feels that this song is sung by Simbu indeed. So, is this is just a song from Nanban that has been promoted as a STR, Akon, Rihanna collaboration by STR’s overzealous fans? Or, is STR really roping those international stars for a 96-language ‘love anthem’? Bizarre!

Update 2: Now that Nanban’s soundtrack is out and the Askku Laska song does not sound anything like the one above, it is probably safe to assume that Simbu does have a love anthem to rival Dhanush’s Kolaveri. Rihanna and Akon’s connection – still no idea!



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