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Agneepath (Music review), Hindi – Ajay-Atul

Posted by Karthik

Deva shree Ganesha plays out in filmy-frenzy bhajan format, but the duo crank up the creativity in the interludes, and the backgrounds. Chikni chameli turns out to be average fare – the composers reuse their own Jatra number from Marathi, but the rest of the country has already channeled this typical Marathi sound into South Indian Kuthu many times. Udit makes a late entry into the infectious Gun gun guna re, and, with Sunidhi, they own the tune fabulously! Addictive sufi rhythm rules Shah ka rutba, but even here, the complex tune and interludes are nuanced enough to relish during repeated listens; it does get flattened in 80s style, but that operatic bit in the end is a nice touch. But the soundtrack belongs to Sonu Nigam’s Abhi mujh mein and Roop Kumar Rathod’s O Saiyyan; these songs are a solid triumph in composing, with extraordinarily beautiful tunes – magnificent violin in the former, recalling Ilayaraja, and strong hint of raag Charukesi in the latter, a move that can hardly go wrong, particularly in the hands of composers like Ajay and Atul. Agneepath is what one could ideally call as the Hindi debut of Marathi composing duo Ajay-Atul; outstanding debut, this!

Keywords: Ajay Atul, Agneepath remake, Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Sanjay Dutt, #200



  • tejas

    The best this album did was that it made me reach for Striker once again. Now that was an album worth all the plaudits. This one tries to sound like it, with the wrongest of all the songs creating waves. 

    When I see Katrina dancing in Chikni Chameli, all I can think of is Govinda dancing to Bandhi kamariya pe saree, ke aayi ab aunty ki baari.

  • Powerful as usual! They are known for energetic percussion and melodies with use of keyboards. I can sense Singham sound in Deva Shree Ganesha

  • harshadkulkarni

    Great review again sir..but i would like to mention few things…ajay atul have stuck
    to their forte nothing different at all for sure…the orchestration is characteristic…the problem that i feel is on the technical end…the synths and strings sound really nice but the vocals and chorus do not have the same audio quality its most noticed in deva shree ganesha.having done the marathi hits like moraya moraya it was lower than what they are capable of…i dunno if it was done intentionally..
    Karan Johar, “We wanted a sound that resonated what the composing maestros Laxmikant-Pyarelal had done in my father’s production of Agneepath. With due respects to the composers today, I don’t think anyone giving state-of-the-art music could’ve done the sound we wanted.” 
    Chikni chameli is 99% same as the original from jatra.(By the way hated the lyrics and the choreography Karan johar exploring new ” aesthetic depths” to gain desperate “commercial heights” it seems)

    Gun gun guna doesnt have that mixing issue that other songs have its nice major and bright…wonder if the studio or engineers were different…

    Abhi mujhme kahin is good stuff but still i feel the vocal quality could have been better.Violins are awesome no doubt.

    Shah ka rutba has a typical pathani feel to it.Again the vocals were 80ish. But the strings are nice and i dunno the piece sounds similar to something i have heard..will look for it.

    O saiyaan well it seems its has been composed on the natarang template
    exactly same santoor,strings,piano,indian percussions,chorus.
    As you have mentioned raag charukesi the songs main line sounds similar to something heard before..will look for it 2. 

    The little little string pieces used sound heard here and there if possible will pin point sources.
    The albums not consistent on audio quality.
    Nice to hear udit narayan and sonu nigam again.
    But its good.
    With due respect to all

    These were the few things i wanted to share
    Inputs and criticism are always welcome.

    • Akashay Parab

      OMG…Am I the only person who feels that “Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin” is probably among sonu’s best work in past few years????
      cause I’m amazed that u think the “vocal quality could have been better”….No wonder why it’s called as technical era of music….we all are in love with technically superior sound just like Atif aslam’s songs…..
      but again it’s your opinion…for me it’s a clear winner….not technically “Good” as you mention but still very very soothing & mesmerizing….

      • harshadkulkarni

        Hmmm no offence to any one well abhi mujhe mein kahin is one of the few good works that sonu nigam has done in last year as the no of songs he has been singing for good movies is getting less day by is not responsible for that…its really good but the voice of his has not been made to sound so good as he sings i am saying just that..when the song goes high listen to it and the lower sounds good i am not saying excellent which he has done before.I am not saying about his singing i meant about the technical side…n FYI i hate atif aslam for his rather offending and silly distruction of pitch..yup and the songs very soothing awesome on the feel.

        • Akashay Parab

          have you heard about his songs from Lanka…which was just released before two weeks “Aap ki aahat”…it’s the same sonu nigam most praised artist in india when his Deewana got released…so no issues at least for me about his pitching in upper scale…talking about the shaky notes at high i guess he’s trying to be more expressive about the seen it has been picturized on…i mean according to me it comes at a very intense scene in the movie so he has kept his voice very raw…see i’m not a big singer neither i knew many things about technologies used in music just like you…i know just one golden rule about music which my guru taught me just convey the message of your soul through your songs to everyone who’s listening to it & not just for me but to many others this song is doing the same thing…but again it’s my opinion…:)

          • harshadkulkarni

            PEACE! its great!! accepted fine..

      • Prathamesh Loke

        I totally agree. Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin is one of the best song of Sonu Nigam in recent times. Moreover, he’s not getting songs which are suitable to him. I am maharashtrian, dont understand kannada at all. but just because sonu nigam sings many songs (mostly soft melodious romantic songs) in kannada, I’ve started listening to his kannada songs. Its a treat for me that Sonu’s back in Hindi with a similar song. I really miss Sonu in Hindi.

    • Natarajan Sridharan

      I think O Saiyaan sounds like something from Ilayaraaja’s Thiruvasagam. Today is the first time I heard this song, the first thing I did was to come to this site and check if milliblog had said on these lines. As mentioned in the reviews, Abhi Mujhe Kahin and O Saiyaan have a lot of Ilayaraaja in them.

      • Natarajan Sridharan

        I think the song name in PollaVinayan, there are some portions where the progressions sounds very similar to the O Saiyaan song.

  • Will Karan Johar please stop jumping bandwagons and turning them into cliche? Never mind the fact that he desperate needs to sell the “reboot” through Katrina’s “dancing”. Guess he doesn’t have confidence in the film itself.

    Music wise? Fantastic. Hate that Chikni Chameli (despite it’s Marathi origins) tries hard to mimic the Vijay standards of Kuthu paatu.

  • harshadkulkarni

    Have heard this album n no of times now…one of the best i will ever hear..

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