Saturday November 12, 2011

Linda Linda (Tee Set) – What do you think?

Posted by Karthik

The last time I had posted such a question, the debate went into a major tailspin! Let’s see how things go this time. Does this song remind you of any Hindi song?

Hat tip: Tanvir Ansari



  • Hawa Hawa.

    Though I always though that was based on the Barber of Seville.

    • tejas

      Agree. I too always thought it was more on Barber of Seville. But this post throws an entirely different light on it now!

  • jeanjohny

    I give up! Which one?

  • Krishnadas R

    Hawa Hawa – A R Rahman! Also, it has some music bits from the Just for Laugh gags shown in pogo 😀 

    Ending of “Tango for Taj” reminded me of music from the old Batman and Robin series.!! 

    Anyhow, frigging Awesome soundtrack by ARR! 

  • jeanjohny

    I just cant get the similarity right.. Help me..

  • still havent figured out which part of linda linda resembles to which hindi song or which part of hawa hawa, but gioachino rossini barber of the seville resembles to hawa hawa since i have listened it 1000s of times in luney tunes , bugs bunny, and many comedy series,perhaps ARR has knowingly done it since hawa hawa is also a fun song, also hawa hawa first reminded me of queen’s bohemain rhapsody, wordings galileo, galileo and mamma mia, mamma mia, but still full marks to ARR not to take any credit away from him as it is not like what Pritam, RDB, anu malik, or other composers do.

    • MusicLover lover

      If anu malik or pritam does it is called plagarism… If Rehman does, it is called as sheer brilliance…. Height of hypocricy

      • and what about you height of jeolousy towards ar rahman. ARR keeps mentioning in his interviews hawa hawa was the toughest song to compose and calling it a lift would be like spitting on arr work. it is not direct copy paste work of pritam or anu malik which doesnot require any work only non talented composers do that eg. mehbooba mehbooba of sholay from Say You Love Me (Demis Roussos) and i used to be fan of rdb just mention one song of arr which is direct lift, i will surrender then. And what about raga based they are also lifts than all the indian raga using composers are copycat than so they should be crediting name of raga and mention every now and then when they use say you r a music lover so slight inspiration should no be crime and should not be treated as crime by calling it lifts and mentioning them along with blatant lifts is not fair, its injustice to talented composers(ilayaraja and arr) many times its also coincidence,blatant shameless lifts must be treated separately.It only leads to fan wars nothing else.

        • milliblog

          A ‘music lover’ is not equal to a ‘Rahman lover’ or a ‘Pancham lover’ – a music lover would, by nature, be more and more inquisitive about music per se and go beyond biases towards individual players of music. Talking about alleged or assured inspirations is not showing disrespect towards composers – it is simply gaining a deeper perspective into the nature of our songs vs. songs from outside India from which the inspirations seemed to have come from.

          Finally, fan wars happen only between fanatics, the extreme version of a ‘fan’.

          • sorry if you misunderstood me, my comment was directed to music lover lover. Btw I am not a fan of pancham anymore thanks to itwofs ,there are just too many direct lifts listed under his name that I just lost all the respect for him,previously I used to regard him as the greatest but not anymore.Now I am a ARR fanatic forever, I just like the way you put it “extreme version of fans” :-).And i also think there are too many ARR and ilayaraja fanatics esp. ARR than anybody else seeing their wars on internet
            And I respect itwofs, its one of my favourite website which I visit more often only second to so I dont mind the whatever the fate of Hawa Hawa will be.
            By the way still waiting for  rockstar review, I think imtiaz should have been more original and creative while selecting the name for the movie.Name of the movie should have been more philosophical but not rockstar. Ending and also rumis poem(which meant we will meet in heaven just like in lost series all the crashed plane’s dead passengers meet on some purgatory island)reminded me of english series “lost”

        • MusicLover lover

          looks like you have taken the argument too far…. In itwofs, there are quite a few songs mentioned which have similar faint resemblance to the original song and are still mentioned as copies or inspired… If you want I can point out a few.. 
          So I think this song also deserves to be there as are others….

          As far as ARR is concerned, yes, I am not a great fan of his brand of music… But Rockstar is one of my favorites in the recent times from ARR. Infact I don’t remember how many times I have listened to a few songs (in particular hawa hawa).
          So there is no jealousy factor here… 

          But it seems like you have a fanatic approach towards your idol….

        • raunak joy

          Well,it seems that siddiq thinks that itwofs is god or whatever itwofs says is 100% correct.I will tell you this man-Itwofs is not GOD and it is also not 100% correct.It’s just a particular person’s view on which songs are plagiarized and which songs are not.Karthik himself only gives those songs an entry into itwofs which he himself thinks are copied or plagiarized or inspired and Karthik is a human being who is bound to make mistakes.Also Karthik/Itwofs are not the Supreme Court of music that whatever they say about music is the final word.Anyways,I do not think much of what i have said will make sense to you as such sensible things do not make sense to any self confessed fanatic of anybody.You do your idol[arr,illayaraja] worship and let others do theirs.Why impose your idol on others man?

  • milliblog

    Yes, Hawa hawa from Rockstar. Very faint resemblance, but yes, Barber of Seville is a better fit, in terms of resemblance.

  • jeanjohny

    Yes! Barber of Seville is more a loud resemblance!

  • Though the resemblance is just a couple of lines, it still deserves to be figured in the inspired list of A.R.Rehman….

  • Here is the blatant lift Inspired credits goes to Raghu Kunche 🙂

    • thanks bro, you saved hawa hawa there. Another example how so many blatant lifts go  unnoticed when done by lesser composers, where as people are always after bigger composers scutinizing even their slightest similarities, mistakes, faults etc. etc.

  • jeanjohny

    So Karthik where would this come under in itwofs?

  • Dev Jyothichand

    Meh… just a small similarity. Plus, the actual lift has been got already.
    Anyway, I think this should just get counted as a similarity, not much else. There are other songs with that hook as well.
    Karthik, one question: did you watch Rockstar yet? I read a few reviews, and the mixed response has made me a bit curious…. just tell if you do watch it. I hope it doesn’t disappoint, though the plot doesn’t appear to be that good.

  • Shriram Nandakumar

    I don’t know whether I am right. But I was thinking about this similarity(Hawa hawa, I mean) for quite a long time, was not able to nail-down the right song though.
    (Movie: London, MD:Vidyasagar)

  • Arvind Narayanan

    Saar- Waiting for you to write about “7Aum Arivu” chinese song’s glaring similarity to the nursery rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle” or is HJ out of scope?

  • Rockstar song jo bhi “o ya ya” part supposdly “inspired” from BobMarley get up 1:46-2.08

    3 doors down kryptonite, which hindi song does it remind you of

  • harshadkulkarni

    Hmmm nice find sir for sure… sure it has his its musical resemblance..infact only thing that changes in hawa hawa is the groove  of the main line “linda linda” otherwise its dangerously similar for me being a rahamanfan…n again i dunno why but its strange the music has very middle eastern feel to it while officially its being told as czeck…

  • Ravi Kiran

    Pains to see, that even ARR has copied. 

  • raghu srinivasa

    There is a telugu song from the movie “Bumper Offer” which is similiar to the song.  I would say its a rip off!

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