Wednesday October 19, 2011

Osthe (Music review), Tamil – Thaman S

Posted by Karthik

With just a faint echo of Munni, but with a supercharged Tamil kuthu, Kalasala is pure adrenaline; Thaman gets everything right – LR Easwari and T.Rajendar’s vocals, catchy hooks…everything! Neduvaali uses Thaman’s own Mirapakaya tune Chilaka admirably well, while the title song overdoses on the Osthe mamey phrase. Simbu’s lyrics and singing are functional in Pondatti even as Thaman uses a standard template for the tune. Yugabharathi’s lyrics stand out in Unnale where Thaman plays beautifully with the backgrounds and the anupallavi tune. Osthe’s soundtrack is high on masala, the kind Thaman reserves for Telugu, topped by the standout Kalasala!

Keywords: Osthi, Osthe, Silambarasan, Thaman, Kalasala



  • Karthik Jayaraman

    Thumbs Down !! Bad Soundtrack. !!! Surprise tht you like it! kalasala not upto mark !! As far as i heard, its like listening to telugu songs !!!! nW1W !!!

  • jeanjohny

    Neduvaali is good and that’s it!

  • Shan Vimal

    missing Vidyasagar here 🙂

  • Thaman – Dharani combo is no Vidyasagar – Dharani … except for Kalasala!!!

  • Massy album. Loving it. Not “Eeram” or “Mundhinam Partheney” good but addictive!

  • Suresh Hari

    Hi Karthik,

    Pondatti is also the same tune as ‘Vaishali’ from Mirapakay …

  • Padmanaban Iyer

    this album would ve been a run away hit with telugu audience…. doesn’t work with tamil movies…first failure for taman so far …..even mambattiyan was better than this track

  • G.Vinodh Vinodh

    Kalasala stands out,  LRE and TR combination………….

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