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Rockstar (Music review), Hindi – A R Rahman

Posted by Karthik

Phir se ud chala’s tune almost feels like a free-form flight, beautifully accentuated by Mohit’s vocals, George Doering’s mandolin and a literal take-off half-way into the song. Jo bhi main and Sadda haq offer anthemic tunes – the former with a moody rock base and the latter as a bombastic, angst-laden outburst with particularly expressive guitar work by Orianthi. Kateya karun is a highly addictive and sweet reworking of the traditional melody with beautiful vocals by Harshdeep Kaur and gorgeous guitar by Keba Jeremiah! Rahman, Javed Ali and Mohit join to produce the mesmerizing Kun faya kun with Keba’s guitar doing the talking again!

Sheher mein‘s gimmicky character depiction of Jordan as a nonconformist seems forced even amidst its largely likeable tune, while Aur ho‘s deeply pensive tune gives Mohit a chance to expand significantly beyond his range, almost to the level of Dil Se re. Even Hava hava has Mohit exploring fresh, exciting avenues in an eclectic, Spanish-style package. But, except Dilshad Khan’s sarangi, Tum ko sounds at best like a Yuvvraaj leftover; a very similar story with Tum ho too, strangely. Naadaan parindey sees Rahman lead the vocals along with Mohit, even as the tune and the orchestration seem to have minds of their own. Tango for Taj and The dichotomy of fame both offer thoroughly involving instrumentals, with the former playing a punchy jugalbandi with accordion and piano, even as the latter mixes shehnai and guitar in a haunting, melancholic package. The meeting place ruminates on Rumi’s lines appropriately with Ranbir’s voice.

Rockstar’s music is a rare occurrence where the music seems to be have been imagined (by the director) and conjured (by the composer) superbly in-sync with the film’s plot. As an expression to the film’s protagonist and as a soundtrack, Rahman’s work here is unparalleled!

Keywords: A R Rahman, Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri, Imtiaz Ali, Irshad Kamil, Rockstar music review, #300

Note: Rockstar’s soundtrack deserves to be (only) the 3rd 300 worder on Milliblog. Its listeners are bound to explore and discover many nuances as they listen and immerse themselves in this soundtrack.



  • By and large a satisfying Album from ARR, but masterpiece? Well, lets agree to disagree. A tad underwhelmed after reading your review tbh.

  • Sundarhari

    The dichotomy of fame reminded strongly the yesteryear MSV-TKR number “ennai yaarendru enni enni nee paarkiraai” sung by TMS-Suseela. Perhaps ARR was inspired by yet another old golden hit as has been the case time and again? 

    A satisfying album, immediately catchy, but reminds several of his old numbers. I doubt whether this work should be classified as “unparalleled”. The Mohit Chauhan part of Naadaan Parindey is totally familiar reminding of several Tamil friendship tunes.

    • mohamed zarook mohamed rizmy

      I’m sorry, i’m an ardant fan of ar rahman. None of the songs remind me of his past songs that came in the last 18 years. Not all were catchy on the very instant for me but now they all are my favourites. Nice to hear that they were instant hits with you. I liked saada haq, Nadaan parindey and sheher mein on the very first listening. after a couple of listen the rest of the songs also seem golden.

      • Sundarhari

        From VenkateswaranGanesan above:  “Sir appidi paartha Sallallah hu allai hi vasallam line in Kun Faya Kun
        sounds exactly like Vennila velicham kinnathil vizhundhu from
        kandukonden Kandukonden”.

        From the reviewer: “Tum ko sounds at best like a Yuvvraaj leftover; a very similar story with Tum ho too, strangely”.

        So your statement “None of the songs remind me of his past songs that came in the last 18 years” is debatable.

        Then I find Dichotomy of Fame reminiscent of the yesteryear great song “Ennai yaarendru enni enni nee paarkirai”; also the Mohit Chauhan part of Naadaan Parindey is no great shakes, as, to me, it reminds of some eighties Tamil songs where the hero and villain or two friends sing alternatively. Another song in Rockstar also reminded me of the title song in jaane tu ya jaane na.

        According to me most of the songs appealed instantly, except maybe Tum ho and Tum ko. The songs are immediately catchy. Whether their appeal would last for a long time remains to be seen. Having said all this, I think it is a very satisfying album. Not unparalleled though. Have you heard MSV’s Ninaithale Inikkum? Just want to know.

        • mohamed zarook mohamed rizmy

          In a close to 8 minute song a single line reminds you of an old song. That is a ridiculous statement. The part you quote for “Kun Faya Kun” is used twice in the song once at the fading end and the other at 4:58. Please do listen both songs again and give your opinion. Just because one line reminds you of something that came earliar please do not claim that the work is not original. I did listen to both but its hardly any similar. Maybe I’ll give it both a couple of more listens.
          Tum Ko or even Tum Ho appers to be a leftover from Yuvraaj. I accept it, the song has the unique effect that was common in most of the Yuvraaj Songs. But not in a single portion there are similarites between the singles in Yuvraaj or the above mentioned songs. This term leftover is misinterpreted as though the song is lifted off from the OST of Yuvraaj. I beg to differ the song is completely original and really catching on.
          Your comparison of Dichotomy Fame, I’m sorry i have no idea about the song you mentioned.
          Mohit Chauhans part in Nadaan Parindey is no “GREAT SHAKES”!!
          When Mohit sings “Koi bhi le rasta, tu hai tu le hasta, Apne hi ghar aayega tu
          “. Its spellbinding and i hope it means whatever path you may take, it will lead you back to your home. Its a beauty to listen to mohit sing it. Not Great Shakes?.
          The song reminded you of an eighties song..? Is it me or are you making this for the purpose of ridiculing Rahmans Original Work. This statement really upsets me. Your next statement relating to Jaane tu ya Jaane na… I’m sorry is this a joke or what.
          Please do not spread false facts as such. Out of all the music directors both Hindi and Tamil, A.R.Rahman is the only one who has been continously giving original tracks. Whether the tracks were chartbusters or not A.R.Rahman has been churning out original tracks. Its not superhit that only counts if it is superfresh it will stand the sands of time.
          I have heard MSVs song you have mentioned but i have no idea where you are leading that into. Possibly another track inspired by it. MSV is a legend on his own and Rahman is traveling in the path that once the legendary duo traveled, so do not bring such a relationship into ridicule by saying rahman lifted something from MSVs archive.

          Sorry if its long but its sad to see such statements ridiculing someones original work into such a level. There are so many music directors who use the same tune or lift a tune from somewhere else to churn out a chartbuster. It will work because it will be catchy instantly. But with time the song will be dissed for sounding same as another track. I’m willing to debate this with you, but if I’m wrong i will accept it. Do point out if I’m wrong.

          • Sundarhari

            I am so very fond of ARR’s music that I have bought most of his albums, and, most definitely, all of his recent albums.  Do not take what I wrote as something meant to belittle the great man. I just thought I should point out that some of the songs in Rockstar reminded a few that he composed in the last few years and some others reminded me of some of MSV-TKR golden oldies. This should not be taken as a slight.

            Rockstar is a charming album, very enjoyable with catchy tunes and some haunting numbers. You can take what I said to mean that we have already seen the very best of ARR and that this album in particular may not necessarily be at the top of his best offerings. Take it easy. If you are interested we can dissect some of the songs even more, provided you won’t feel slighted. 🙂

          • mohamed zarook mohamed rizmy

            Sorry for the delay in replying, but nobodys words can belittle a composer of Rahmans stature, be it you or me. Every time a new album comes out there are expectations and anticipations surrounding it. When it is Rahman the bar is set a little higher. At times the sounds may not be familiar or may not be instantly gripping. But with due time they turn out to carve a place for themselves. I cannot go and claim Rockstar is the best of Rahman when there are a lot more to come from him and so many of his albums tagged the best. Most music directors especially Harris Jayaraj in tamil come up with tunes which are catchy but the songs are mere influences of their earliar work. It is not bad because everybody need to reinvent themselves.

            Rahman is someone who reinvents himself every time which is evident in all his recent work. Its hard to find similarities between his current work and previous work. There might be influences but the tracks remain original unless it is stated on the album that the track is a cover version. I liked Raavan and the sounds were completely based on the script. Whether it was Behene De, Ranjha, Thodke Killi or Beera the sounds were new and refreshing. Even in Jhootha Hi Sahi the tracks Call Me Dil, Hello Hello and Cry Cry were refreshing.

            I wont fell slighted but I’m sorry i completely deny that the songs are lift offs from somewhere else or they are rehash of his own work. I still assume you are under the impression that certain single lines remind you of a completely different track.
            Also i reiterate out of all music directors who are belting out super hits Rahman is one person who resembles originality. This doesnt mean all others are merely doing cheap stuff. They have their own style of reaching the audience and people appreciate them as well. But with Rahman the songs have an eternal appeal. When i first heard Dilsere i didn’t like it much but even today its one of my favorite songs both in Tamil and hindi.

  • alfred dicman

    Finally managed to catch the album with no strings- no tension attached. Three songs stand out sadda haq, naadaan, Kun faya (he rarely takes a mistep with these songs), Phir se was convoluted and complex, still sounded good. Maybe it would be a purist delight. The rest of the songs were on Rahman’s “cruise” control mode. The “experimentalism” continues with decent success here. Another “Dil se” ? cerainly not!!  Should we forget Dil se and move on to another plane? Why should I? 🙂

  • R

    Expected 300 word review for the best soundtrack of 2011.

  • Now a days with multitude of vocal soft ware , editing etc used in recording , Mohit, Farhan Akhtar all are becoming lead singers, surely Rahman & other top composers have to take credit/blame for promoting a culture of voice quality over vocal training.

    • Rahman music is like 3 dimensional view,it requires focus, a one eyed vision person can never see the beauty in Rhamans music, it will only mess up your head so go listen to RDB’s, SEL 2d kinda music because you are only fit for that.

      • To each his own, worst is trying to force your view on some one else, if you liked music of Rockstar, good enough, enjoy with best wishes but trying to teach other what a 2d or 3d music is (because some one doesn’t agree to your choice) reflects that you need to listen to much more music. Best regards. 

        Any careful listener can clearly make out the points where recoding is edited to favour a singer, I personally don’t approve culture of making a besura sound like a trained singer, this demeans and undermine vocal training in long run, but Rahman did give break to those deserving (Prakash; Lat Uljhe; raag bhimpalasi), but nothing like Mohit Chauhan. This culture is fast becoming all pervasive. pritam is quite fond of besura Atif.

    • what u say about vocal quality is true but Mohit Chauhan is definitely better singer than Farhan Akhtar by miles. I would  credit composer for this change not blame them because I think its a good thing

  • tum ho is beautiful song how come you didnt like it,aur ho is a great haunting song,naadan parinday is may favourite, btw very good review

  • how come rahman give so brilliant original tunes which sound so strange at first hearing even after 20 years is beyond me AR RAHMAN IS TRULY A MUSICAL GENIUS

  • Rahman music is like 3 dimensional view,it requires focus, a one eyed
    vision person can never see the beauty in Ramans music, it will only
    mess up their heads, this people can keep listening to 2d kinda bollywood music copied by pritam,SEL,VS,etc.etc. because they are only fit for that.

    • sumit pandey

      don’t remember which tunes have VS and SEL copied. Rahman is no doubt a really good composer but you don’t have bring down others to prove that. 🙂

      • bro, I am only telling the truth. Even in rock on some of the riffs were copied from metallica by SEL, as a matter of fact VS and SEL they both copy from ARR but only present ARR complex tunes in simple form which many can appreciate in first listening. Like Imtiaz puts it ARR present the diamonds in a unpolished crude form they are so original that they seem strange at the first hearings.

        • sumit pandey

          IMHO, Vishal-Shekhar’s style of music is markedly different from that of Rahman’s. VS have a decidedly western pop/breezy/youthful sound more often than not. SEL’s music is more in line with the traditional bollywood music, updated to suit today’s audience. Both composer teams are really good at what they do, IMO.
          Regarding your comment on copying from Rahman, I don’t remember any VS tune that has been lifted off any of Rahman’s compositions. Maybe Karthik could shed some light on this.
          No two ways about the fact that Rahman has had a very big influence on Indian film music. That in no way should undermine contributions of other individuals. 
          Regarding complexity of tunes, I am not trained in music to understand what makes a tune more complex than others. Or if simplicity is necessarily a bad thing. All said and done, there’s good music and there’s bad music. And its all subjective.  

          • “SEL’s music is more in line with the traditional bollywood music”
            Well, tbh when they work with KJO and the likes, that may be true, but however I don’t think that’s true as in general. Even ZNMD was largely electropop/house/flamencoesque rather than bollywood’ish (except for a couple of tracks maybe). Well as you said, the subjectivity and all that.

          • The problem with you people is that you will consider song a lift only when it is copied from a western source if it is copied from indian souce you will reject it as raga based(most of times they are raga based but what about composers like anu malik who says he doesnt know anything about ragas)
            I am talking about VS tunes not their style even their style is not original copied from west.Dont drag Karthik here he is a very intelligent man even he knows all about it thats why he has high respect for ARR, do you think karthik doesnot know about these lifts but he is mostly interested about lifts from west.Thats one reason he still hasnt mentioned some of the direct lifts even by harris jayaraj eg.chahoon bhi song from force lifted from khamosh raat from thakshak,oru galluke pilla from sainikudu from chaiya chaiya to name just a few
            as far as VS lifts goes dooriyan from break ke baad is a direct lift from sheryl crows soak up the sun. sheila ki jawani is great example of VS lift.Karthik wont feed you up with everything , just do some search on net you will be amazed how much this composers lift from everywhere.
            Now please stop bothering me your arguments wont change my mind. And I dont want any heated arguments here.Its my time to rejoice now just like a festive season, ARR has given such a brilliant album here.

          • Dev Jyothichand

            Well, I’d just like to point out a few things:
            1. It’s easy to accuse some composer for plagiarism, but when it comes down to a discussion, there should be proof. Otherwise, anyone can say, “Oh God, this is copied from that.” or, “This is a carbon copy of that, it’s nothing original.” Face it: no proof is equal to unfounded accusation, and unfounded accusations can’t be accepted.
            2. It’s fine to have a Western style, that doesn’t mean that they lift any tune. It only means that they are good at Western genres, and usually compose songs in that genre. If every musician who had a Western style would be a plagiarist, then almost more than a majority of composers across the world, including Japanese composers, Central Asian bands, Arabian music groups etc. would be guilty of plagiarism. Heck, in fact A.R. Rahman himself would be guilty of plagiarism, as he uses a Western classical tone for some of his melodies. Case in point: Tum Ho, from this album itself, has a predominantly Western style. 
            3. Karthik does care about other sources, in fact, if you check his website, he has listed original sources for plagiarized tunes, that are from other artists, like Arabic bands and Indian folk tunes. Your argument doesn’t seem to hold any real fact..
            4. I did listen to Soak up the Sun of Sheryl Crows, and it has nothing in common with Dooriyan Hai Zaroori from Break ke Baad. Only the opening music is similar, and that is due to its being a commercial loop, that is used by many other  composers. Also, Sheila ki Jawaani is different and the only common points in these two are the name “Sheila” and the hook “My/ Her name is Sheila.” Karthik himself pointed this out in his music plagiarism website. Go, and check it.
            5. Finally, it’s fine to like A.R Rahman. I only want to point out that you do not need to criticize and bring down other composers, or unfairly accuse them for proving that a favourite album of yours is good. You like an album, listen to it and then tell why you like it. No need to get pointless arguments for that. I say, go and listen to Rockstar! You can like it as much as you want! Only I want some maturity in a discussion from the next time…..
            Happy listening!!!!

          • Like I said no matter how many fans of copycat composers attack me I wont back down. I will stand by my words, I will take that one step further dooriyan tune is directly lifted from jaan meri from thakshak. Either you dig it or choke on it.

          • Why will I need to prove something is good if in reality it is good. Rockstar is really a brilliant album Rahman’s work here is unparalleled and I am not unfairly accusing anyone. and my arguments are not pointless its only that you cant handle the truth.And you will get no more replies from me.Bye.

          • you are inviting trouble by loose statements, well rahman himself has been accused of plagiarism on your favourite itwofs site, how about that?

          • Tujhe kyon mirchi lagi.look who is talking,you better stay away from all these,the fan of the greatest copycat in indian music history.Thanks to itwofs rdb copycat works were exposed otherwise people would have still considered him great just like I used to. Even I used to be his fan but not now.I like the way itwofs has kicked this copycat composers asses kudos to karthik.Even today there are 100s of rdb lifts keep surfacing which makes me wonder did rdb compose even one original song in his entire career.But itwofs has taken pity on rdb and his fans and stopped posting his lifts.

          • Foul language is being used by you and you are the one accusing others of mirchi lagi?  Why you are not responding to the accusation,  ARR himself is a plagiarist according to karthik? 
             [Though it won’t take lot for me to discard (with evidence) the examples sited on the net, for example kele le sited by Karthik is a mere example of a composition based on raag bhupali, several songs in past have sounded similar to Chinese being based on either raag pahadi or bhupali. Rahman has never been a copy cat (he has enough talent) and this is what your approach should have been about SEL.]  Easiest thing is to shoot down others, try to demean some one, you claim to be a fan of ARR  but need to learn a lesson or two from him about humility.Be in your prison, you don’t need to be taken out.

          • “Rahman has never been a copy cat (he has enough talent) and this is what your approach should have been about SEL.”
            Precisely my point – his post taking a dig at SEL was pretty lame.

          • To all of those who has given the This guy enough airtime ,including myself.Lets wrap this up now and swear not to comment to his post again.If you would have noticed he has literally copied and pasted his same accusation and arguments over and over again.So I am calling and end to this madness.If you agree ,Jus like it and let it be…

          • I have taken advice from a good arr fan sv.varadhan rajan.Now dont expect me to reply to shameless fan of worlds greatest copycat musician.Good Bye .

        • Bollocks. I’m not for comparing two composers, but  accusing SEL of plagiarizing ARR is ridiculous.

          • Even I had the same reaction similar to yours when I first heard about it but when I saw the proof on  youtube I was pretty convinced

          • I presume you’re talking about those lame videos which accuses pretty much everyone of copying – blatant lifting is obvious (as in some of the Pritam songs), other than that similarities always tend to occur – same applies to ARR, SEL and every other musicians.

    • Dude being a true fan of Rahman , I beg you to stop this BS.

      • you proved yourself and idiot and pretender by calling it a BS,I m not bulshitting brother, and I dont need your advice to stop, read my earlier comments I wrote dont expect anymore replies from me you pretenders and haters, yet you made me  start again , wasnt expecting this kind of comment from arr fan like you claim yourself to be, so i had to give you a reply,wouldnt even have bothered if some hater had told me to stop, I will stop commenting only if I  feel like not commenting,  not because I took somebodys advice who thinks its a bullshit.I am proud to be a rahman fan but definately not proud of you.dont make me start again and dont act hypocritic I read some of your comments dont impose you thinking on others just coz you are a arr fan dont act like a saint, it doesnt suit you, just like you think you are right I think I am right.Now Pretenders claiming to be true arr fan dont accept anymore comments from me If you are a true arr fan leave other arr fans to themselves afterall I wasnt saying anything against ARR.I have never ever said and and never will say anything about arr.

        • Hey buddy first off watch your tongue ,Air your opinion but without profanity ,By your comments i assume you are some school kid who loves Rahman alot.But don’t go over the top in your enthusiasm.And i stand by my comment ,You are talking BS ,You accuse SEL and VS based on youtube videos and your dim wit.When you make an accusation back it up with proof or it lacks credibility.For me Rahman is a musical genius where others are mere music composers.
                I love milliblog and itwofs.But it is in no way the final word on plagiarism ,No offence Karthick.In Itwofs ,Rahman’s name is mentioned for about 11 songs.Read what is written there once more with your eyes and senses open.It clearly says and it applies to all the eleven songs , i.e : The tune is original but the beat or arrangement maybe be inspired.That statement in itself makes the fact obvious.If you still don’t get it,I suggest you read it again after a few years time,Maybe be if you are mature enough then you would understand it.

          • Dev Jyothichand

            Guys, why don’t we just ignore him? He’s just a troll of Yahoo Pulse, who probably doesn’t deserve an account.
            @milliblog:disqus  Why don’t you try banning him, this guy is filling up the blog with unnecessary comments and pointless arguments. Seriously, such guys are no good to the blog. Just ban him: atleast one month should do.
            Oh, by the way I don’t like Sahil Rizwan that much, but I do enjoy a few of his strips. Still, surprise to see that you do follow him a bit. Strange..
            Keep writing anyway!  

      • Noushad bhai itna gussa hone ki garaz nahi, I didnt wanted to hurt
        anybodys feelings,  my heartfelt apologies only to you and all rahmaniacs out there for my harsh words i am sorry . actually i wanted to delete my comment later, but I couldnt find any delete option,Now a days u will notice there is so much negativity towards ARR that i got carried away,
        even in this blog u might have noticed some people claiming SEL,pritam
        greater than ARR u might remember u have given a good answer to that
        guy, I only wanted some support from a fellow rahmaniac.

  • sheik uduman

    no one is do like rahman variety jungles in his songs like mulumathy in joda akbar starting traditional music bit.

  • Jaydeep

    I know I am inviting trouble after saying this..but I’ve been listening to this album for 10 days now..and this one is just another mixed bag for me. Sadda Haq, Kun faaya, jo bhi main, Phir se & kateya karun & instrumentals are the only tracks that work. The tracks that don’t work…they absolutely don’t work for me.

    But again, if one goes by nuances & orchestration details, this one is real treat the ears. The choice of instruments like rock organ in Jo bhi Main or Sarangi in Tum ko or superb guitar riffs in Sadda Haq make each of them great listens which one can expect only from ARR.

    Another highlight of the album is Mohit Chauhan’s vocals, be it full throttle rendition of Sadda Haq or mellifluous phir se or sufi kun faaya…he nails them all.

    Bottom line..IMO this album works in bits & parts..however the parts that work are truly awesome.

  • ravi praseeth

    The songs are ethereal with its lyrics, technical excellence, and magic of ARR and I pray it’s visualization may be as good….

  • sv.varadhan rajan

    Haters keep hating… lovers keep loving…. tat doesnt stop rahman being a lgendary musician or rockstar being a legendary album…rahman himself insisits on peace… he is sufi by heart so dont drag other composers…if its their purview lets leave it…

    • thanks brother for reminding me. I have taken your advice since the way you put it ARR is a sufi and insists on peace otherwise I could have taken this discussion on and on with proofs.Now my lips are sealed.
      Rahman will always be a legendary musician no matter how many copycat composers or their shameless fans hate him.

  • Its high time you add names of vishal shekhar, shankar ensaan loy,
    name to the list of copy cat composers.Its all that matters to some
    people not the number of lifts under them or direct or indirect
    lifts.ARR fans are fed up with all these arr haters  refering to your
    website itwofs just to degrade ARR even when the most of lifts you have
    mention are just commercially available loop. Even vishal shekhar and
    SEL are also doing that so why should they get any different
    treatment.Either you remove ARRs loop lifts or add loops lifted by other
    composers also. And I am a very big fan of your website milliblog as
    well as itwofs. and appreciate your courage when some people think you
    are one of the main cause of todays degrading music ,the composers cant
    copy the way they want fearing you.still I think you have gone a bit
    soft nowaday considering some of the lifts your have mentiioned earlier
    were pretty harsh so I think its injustice to some of the great
    composers like ilayaraja, arr, etc.One of your biggest fan.

  • sv.varadhan rajan

    just dont propse fight bro… if they like other musicians let them…rahman need not prve to anyone includin himself…after msv saying rahman is my heir in music…if they hate its not gonna affect rahman churning out good numbers…that man as moved from jingles to garmmies… tats they way he reacts his works speaks…if ur his fan lets stop it here…let them reply to u… the world knows rahman’ standards…u gpt into the arguement and degraded him by comparing with vs or sel…

    • what do you mean if you are his fan,what kind of question is that. dont ever question my loyalty bro.and its not like that you are  his only fan or I am his only fan there are millions of fans greater than me and you.but that doesnt mean they can question other fans loyalty .and importantly I didnt criticise arr read my comments, they were only my opinions towards others MDs . peace.

  • Freak Dude

    Kun Faya Kun is more than just a song … Listening to those claps sends one into an almost magical trance …

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  • mohammad noushad and pretenders who adviced me to stop this refering it as BS,I dont care if you are arr fan or not, I respect only true arr fans who only get hurt if anything is said against arr sir not some pretender who advices another true arr fan to stop who rightly says something against some VS, and SEL,etc.. ,you proved yourself an idiot and pretender by calling it a BS,I m not
    bulshitting brother, and I dont need your advice to stop, read my
    earlier comments I wrote dont expect anymore replies from me you
    pretenders and haters, yet you made me  start again ,I wasnt expecting
    this kind of comment from arr fan like which you claim yourself to be, so i
    had to give you a reply,wouldnt even have bothered if some hater had
    told me to stop, I will stop commenting only if I  feel like ,  not because I took somebodys advice who thinks its a
    bullshit.I am proud to be a rahman fan but definately not proud of
    you. So dont make me start again and dont act hypocritic I read some of your
    comments dont impose you thinking on others and definately not on true arr fans, just coz you are a arr fan
    dont act like a saint, it doesnt suit you.. ARR is saint and god I m just his devoted fan and I follow his music like a religion, it doesnt mean I too start acting like a saint, so I wont take anybody else bulshitting about ARR and his music.would you like if someone says anything about your god and religion.? Just like you think you are
    right, I think I am right.Now Pretenders claiming to be true arr fan dont
    accept anymore comments from me. If you are a true arr fan leave other
    arr fans to themselves afterall I wasnt saying anything against ARR.I
    have never ever said and  never will say anything against arr, so pretenders calling themselves true arr fans move aside.and stop advicing me..PEACE.

  • noushad bhai and rahmaniacs sorry for my harsh words I sincerely apologise from the bottom of my heart.I already tried deleting some of my comments directed towards you noushad bhai and sv. varadhan rajan.

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