Tuesday September 13, 2011

Ra.One (Music review), Hindi – Vishal Shekhar

Posted by Karthik

Chammak challo is Vishal Shekhar’s own Jai ho, with Akon; instantly catchy, with a musical package that incorporates Tamil verses by Hamsika Iyer, even as it seems to offer a subtle nod to Choli ke peeche, at places! Criminal cleverly morphs Akon’s predominantly western sound with the Indian sound helmed by Vishal. Dildara is another example of clever mix, this time Ben E. King’s Stand By Me and Shafqat’s gorgeous Indian phrases – a wholly harmonious mix! Siddharath Coutto’s Right by your side has the familiar techno pop style from the composing duo but it’s also a heady track with a lively outlook! However, Jiya mora is unfortunately and bewilderingly all over the place. The melodic grandeur in the three themes – I’m On, Comes the light and Song of the end – indicate amazing things from a background score perspective, particularly the last one! The soundtrack clearly belongs to two songs – Bhare naina, a stunning track that layers Nandini Srikar’s tuneful semi-classical base over a highly imaginative rock phrase, and Raftaarein, one of the best and most original odes to RD Burman yet – wonderfully pulsating orchestration and fabulous vocals by Vishal. An exuberantly massy soundtrack from Vishal Shekhar!

Keywords: Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Vishal Shekhar, Ra.One, G.One, #200



  • I find the music pretty cheesy. Like leftover from a yrf movie.

  • Whats up with Hindi songs including Tamil verses nowadays? johnny gaddar, shaitan and now Ra.one. Though I liked Hamsika Iyer’s portion more in Chammak Chalo and pity it was so small

    • Dunno what’s the deal but it sounds great and trippy at the same time …But i definitely enjoy it, being from Chennai.

  • wootshire

    While I want to chalk it up to coincidence, the main 5 note flourish of the horns in “I’m On” is IDENTICAL to the main motif in the the Batman animated series theme:


  • sundar m

    The Duo have reached new heights ………………….. IM On’s Rock music infused theme is OUTSTANDING……………

  • tejas

    After Mausam, this is the second album in recent times that I have not even been able to listen to from start to end. No doubt the songs will be hit, but if this is not a sheer wastage of resources, I don’t know what is. And the countless RDB throwbacks do sound good, when you are in 2006. Not any more.

    Even the hyped Chammak Challo sounded so nice in the promos. When you hear it in the album, you feel the mukhda was all there was in this song. Had it not been for Hamsika Iyer, even that one was going down the drain.

    • tejas

      But must say, Nandini Srikar is terrific in her song. Bhare Naina is my pick of the season with Piya Kesariyo and Umraojaan. 😛

  • Just heard the whole Album ,Dunno about the shell life of the songs..But i just love Chammak Chalo,Even the club Mix works for me.I guess its just a lil trippy to hear Akon singing in Hindi…

  • AbLob1

    I personally huge fan of all SRK’s movies songs but this Ra.one has disappointed me. after hearing whole album I must say they tried to make international album and that is huge mistake I think because Indian music flavor is missing in whole album. this kind of music we listen here in U.S everyday so we would like to here something different we choose Indian music as right option but if Indian people also start making like western music more then it will be waste of time. other thing I don’t like is so much mixing for English and Hindi in song so weather you create fully English song or fully Hindi song because it will sounds better. Final word on Ra.one album is Good Music but not Classic Music.  

  • Hey karthik i guess raftaarein has been sung by both vishal and shekhar??

    • milliblog

      Of course. Was pointing to the fact that I liked Vishal’s part…

  • Jaydeep

    The Chhammak Chhallo mukhda portions starting kaisa sharmana aaja…till the end of it, sounds very much like Akon’s own hit “Smack that”. I wonder if those portions are his contribution to the composition or VS intentionally created that similarity composed similar tune to maintain AKon’s signature style.

    • Jaydeep

      Nevermind that similarity..just the flow of notes is similar. Anyways, the track really catches on after a few listens. I must say its a mighty enjoyable track.

  • jeanjohny

    Out of Topic – Feels like the song Hava Hava (
    Mohit Chauhan
    Additional Vocals – Viviane Chaix, Tanvi Shah, Suvi Suresh, Shalini) from Rockstar would be reusing the tune of Taxi Taxi…

  • jeanjohny

    Wow! Superb album.. Barring the occasional familiar V-S sound(which inturn is so good), have a fresh feeling to every track.. Innovative too..

  • Bhare Naina feels like a forced pathos track for an action packed sci-fi genre. Otherwise, I’m hooked. After Om Shanti Om, the VS-SRK partnership looks to be a winning combination. Chammak Challo, Criminal & Raftaarein on repeat mode!

  •  Love Chammak Challo and Kareena’s part in that.

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