Sunday September 4, 2011

Love Breakups Zindagi (Music review), Hindi – Salim Sulaiman

Posted by Karthik

Everything about Rozaana seems familiar, and if the track still works, it is only because of the spunk in the tune and Salim’s lively vocals. Rab rakha isn’t that lucky, with a stale tune that meanders laboriously with occasional respite from the Shreya Ghoshal-sung portions. Love love love goes down further – a pointless reggae-Bollywood fusion. The best thing about this soundtrack is Chhayee hai tanhayee that borrows its penchant for sudden, stylistic qawali-style outburst from Anjana Anjani’s Tujhe bhula diya phir and fabulous singing by Shafqat, Salim Merchant and Shruti Pathak. Strictly functional soundtrack from the usually dependable duo.

Keywords: Dia Mirza, Zayed Khan, Salim-Sulaiman, Love Breakups Zindagi



  • sriram iyer

    …another ‘Rab’ song. Sigh.

  • some portions of ‘Love Love Love’ remind me of I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

  • s1239

    what crap are you writing! you obviously have no sense of music! Rozaana is the best track in this album with rab rakha closing in. stale tune??? you’ve got to be kidding! salim sulaiman have done an absolute amazing job with this album. calling them a usually dependable duo is practically insulting them considering they are amongst the best in the business and have been countlessly been recognized world over for their outstanding music. 

  • huzefa jairajpuri

    i disagree with u karthik sir..i think chayee h tanhai is an ok track but shafqat’s voice is not a good choice here.. i think krishna beura or papon wud have been a better choice..n if they wantd a shafqat kind of a voice..i think suraj jagan or zubin wud hv workd better for this song.. i dnt knw y i feel shafqat goes nasal everytime he hits the higher notes…but as they say choice is a subject..

  • huzefa jairajpuri

    dont you people think love love song has a hint of jane kyon from dostana..jaane jaane love love kyu ho jata h

  • Dev Jyothichand

    Well, I completely agree  with Karthik here. The tunes have a good sound, and the songs have decent arrangements, but otherwise, it’s largely a “done before” and kind of dull as an album.
    First, “Rozana” is the usual standard, peppy feel good track that almost every rom com seems to have nowadays. There is nothing really noteworthy, and it sounds like a generic pop song, with only Salim Merchant’s singing helping it a bit.
    Second, “Rab Rakha” has a really staid rhythm, and that brings down the tune, which actually has good arrangements. Also, it sounds too conventional, and reminds me of “Shukrah Allah”, their composition in Kurbaan.
    Third, “Love love love” is really pointless, with a hook that is repeated one time too many. Clearly the weakest track.
    Fourth, ironically is the best track in the album, “Chahiyyee Hai Tanhaiyye”. It scores because of the qawwali portions that are surprisingly placed well, and go with the feel of the song. Again, the track by itself is just about decent, and it tends to be conventional in the overall feel, but atleast it does have something to take note of, and has some replay value.
    And yeah Karthik, the song does sound similar to Anjaana Anjaani’s “Tujhe Bhula Diya” at places.  “Tujhe Bhula Diya” is one of my favourites, by the way. This song just sounds good, and is a good hear.
    Well, that’s pretty much what I can say. The soundtrack is decent for a casual hear, otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it.
    And, Salim Sulaiman are good at getting a right sound, and have great skill at arrangements, but they need to concentrate on the tunes as well. Otherwise, they seem to be stuck in typical good sounding tunes. Hope they focus on it, and improve their composing soon..

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