Thursday August 25, 2011

Muran (Music review), Tamil – Saajan Madhav

Posted by Karthik

The title song merely passes muster, and makes some minimal mark mainly due to its captivating rhythm. Idhuvarai seems like a nice enough melody but is severely marred by amateurish orchestration! Naan kandaen fares much better thanks largely due to Ranjith’s involved singing and the overall energy in the tune, though the backgrounds continue to sound chaotic. The short Anal veyil displays Naveen Madhav’s below average singing skills and is mercifully short, while Andhi mantharai is a badly conceived and mixed track that revels in going noisily and confusingly haywire. Saajan Madhav’s Tamil debut is clumsy, slapdash and generally bad.

Keywords: Cheran, Prasanna, Saajan Madhav, Naveen Madhav



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