Thursday August 25, 2011

Maduve Mane (Music review), Kannada – Manikanth Kadri

Posted by Karthik

Naxalite naanalla is approached and executed much like a massy Telugu track; foot-tapping and instantly likeable due to its simplicity. Ivan yaaro sounds interesting mainly because of Surmukhi’s vocals and the way Manikanth drags and leaves specific phrases on the vocals and music! Priya ninna starts off promisingly enough, much like Alai Paayuthey’s Yaaro, but meanders into a mediocre faux-Punjabi sound. Kanne koodiruvaga is an obviously and immediately likeable melody accentuated by Karthik’s brilliant singing, while Olleya reethiyalli is the soundtrack’s best – superbly rhythmic and very Kannada in sound! Maduve Mane sees Manikanth continue his winning streak in Kannada!

Keywords: Ganesh, Maduve Mane, Manikanth Kadri



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