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Govindha has all the hallmark of a Harris Jeyaraj song – African’ish gibberish, carefully calculated rhythm and tune; catchy listen, anyway! Maasama is a nice, lazy gaana-type song that composer Sathya sings rather well, while the very reggae’ish Un pere featuring Madhushree, while indeed sounding sweet, is rather predictable. Sayonara’s deeply ominous Uyir arundhadhey is […]

NW1W. This, ignoring the ‘good intentions’ of the film; I don’t think that should come in the way of saying what I feel about the soundtrack. Papon sung and composed Zindagi aisi waisi is a saving grace, however. Keywords: I am Kalam, Abhishek Ray, Madhuparna, Papon, Susmit Bose, Shivji Dholi

Of the four songs by Raghav Sachar, Shreya Ghoshal’s Gumsum is the one that works best, playing on composer’s haunting melody. In comparison, despite the RD Burman’esque outlook, Loot merely meanders. Karma Queen is embarrassing, while Love is all I got is a corny, wannabe Hinglish ballad. But composers Sharib Toshi save the soundtrack with […]

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