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What works to Musik bandh na karo and Thank U Mr.DJ‘s advantage is their simple, nursery rhyme like tunes; immediately hummable and great choice of singers in both tracks. Raghav gets a foot-tapping tune in Hey na na Shabana and makes excellent use of the opportunity too. Tochi Raina’s lively singing saves the largely templatized […]

Bombay Jayshree and Karthik present Javed Akhtar’s verses beautifully in Chahoon bhi; Harris plays his part with a lovely guitar backdrop. Uyirin Uyire’s third avatar, Khwabon khwabon continues to be a scintillating number – despite borrowing that prominent riff from Rammstein’s Du hast. Main chali reuses Harris’ own Manasa nuvvante (Munna), but spruces it up […]

For a pure propaganda song, Rathathim rathame has a mighty engaging tune and orchestration combo; beautifully sung by Haricharan too! Molachu moonu‘s lyrics seem completely inappropriate to this ‘fasting season’, but the song’s melody is absolutely captivating! But, despite its catchy rhythm, Chillax just drones on, with Charulatha Mani’s cringe-worthy ‘carnatic’ Chillax rendition too, in […]

Thursday August 25, 2011 21:12

Muran (Music review), Tamil – Saajan Madhav

The title song merely passes muster, and makes some minimal mark mainly due to its captivating rhythm. Idhuvarai seems like a nice enough melody but is severely marred by amateurish orchestration! Naan kandaen fares much better thanks largely due to Ranjith’s involved singing and the overall energy in the tune, though the backgrounds continue to […]

Naxalite naanalla is approached and executed much like a massy Telugu track; foot-tapping and instantly likeable due to its simplicity. Ivan yaaro sounds interesting mainly because of Surmukhi’s vocals and the way Manikanth drags and leaves specific phrases on the vocals and music! Priya ninna starts off promisingly enough, much like Alai Paayuthey’s Yaaro, but […]

The musical pieces are understandably eclectic – Symphony of the streets sure is, but Atomizer is a great mix of the filmy tune style and the kind of music Midival Punditz and Karsh Kale are known for. Anushka Manchanda’s What the F gets its glitzy sound right, but as a tune, it fails. Kailash Kher’s […]

Sunday August 21, 2011 07:23

Mallukkattu (Music review), Tamil – Taj Noor

Yenna yenna is Haricharan’s solo show; the singer gets a great showcase for his vocal prowess even as the composer plays his music just to accentuate the singing. Andal Priyadarshini’s lyrics stand out in Vetkam nooru kilo as much as Taj Noor’s Hindustani-styled package. Unfortunately, the rest of the soundtrack goes completely downhill – Kumthalakadi […]

Sunday August 21, 2011 07:23

Dookudu (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

The title song is highly contrived, while Harris Jeyaraj’s undeniable harmonica stamp plays peekaboo in the lovely Guruvaram – the haunting melody is complemented by Thaman’s trademark chorus in the Zara zara phrase. Chulbuli‘s painfully conventional sound is offset by the groovy 80s Bollywood sound and rhythm in Poovai and the rollicking and catchy Dethadi. […]

SPB’s magnificent vocals, that unconventional rhythmic lilt and that flute-based second interlude…all work in perfect sync in Jagadanandha karaka to create absolute magic! Sri Rama lera opens with a blast of Hamsanandhi that Raja has used earlier and with that familiarity, it works brilliantly! Devulle mechina and Sita seemantham are pleasant, nostalgic throwback to Raja’s […]

Now that the whole world has written about Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, let me simply say I loved it. It is perfect popcorn material and is thoroughly enjoyable despite its little quirks of stupidity at times. I’d like to point to just two things in the context of the film. One, I […]

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