Thursday July 28, 2011

Bodyguard (Music review), Hindi – Himesh Reshammiya and Pritam

Posted by Karthik

The title song is is juvenile and silly, despite some feeble effort with the peppy rhythm. Desi beat is equally bad – banally repetitive! Thankfully, Himesh works hard on the tune of Teri meri; lovely melody, beautifully sung by Rahat and Shreya, even if the arrangements are largely underwhelming. But it is guest-composer Pritam who firmly trump Himesh with I Love You, a breezy, superbly hummable track sung by Ash King. Besides this track, the only other strength of the soundtrack is the fact that Himesh resisted singing any of the songs and is named only as the music composer!

Keywords: Salman Khan, Himesh Reshammiya, Pritam, Bodyguard



  • 4.5 out of 5….you have given very poor review….Desi beats is brilliant,Hear with your ears open,I love is great song…but Teri meri prem kahani is song of the year

  • bj

    Your review is spot on. Himesh’s arrangements and sound production are pathetically dated – it’s not 1990 anymore.

    • The sad truth is, most of the ‘masses’ are stuck in 1990, so something tells me this album and movie will be a “super-duper hit”.

      • milliblog

        That’s quite besides the point of this blog – I’m not in the ‘hit-prediction’ business. It’d be great if the music and film becomes super-hit – the industry needs better and bigger hits.

        • Agreed, not suggesting otherwise. The reason I read this blog is to hear your thoughts on the music, not hit prediction. I was merely responding to the comment about this album being stuck in the 90s, and expressing a tiny bit of a disappointment that we have so many brilliant musicians in the country yet many of them are forced to make music that’s beneath them in the pursuit of mass success.

      • Rishabh Chaudhari

        I agree that a lot of the masses are stuck in the past – but at least songs like Munni had 2010 sound production w/ 1990 arrangements. His music sounds very amateur – especially compared to how richly layered Pritam’s one song is (tune wise it’s nothing new, but Pritam gets the sound right).

        • “His music sounds very amateur”

          Amateur is putting it lightly.

      • Dpride

        Totally untrue, man. Rahat’s not-so-bollywood voice is what kept this song from being a 90’s Yash Raj leftover. The fact that likes of Pritam and Vishal-Shekhar are still in business shows how far we have come. See how long Anu Malik lasts if he ever decides to come back. Point is the nostalgic sound could only work in small doses and 90’s music has yet to make a comeback. At a time like this where our music choices are influenced by how flashy the music video is, we can always use the melodious love-at-first listen kind of songs that are liked unbiasedly and not because of Hrithik’s moves or Aamir’s pecs even if the former are awesome and the latter a pointless gimmick. But thats a discussion for some other time.

  • BRB, going to kill myself after hearing the initial bit of Teri Meri. I was like WTF is this? Shreya and Rahat salvages the trash to somewhere around mediocre.

    I love you is lovely though, despite the saccharine-overdose.

  • I don’t know how it works, but somehow, I liked Teri meri as well (I think I have the words nice melody in my review as well) and I am getting the same comments asking how Teri Meri could be lovely.

    What interested me further was someone found Desi Beat ‘brilliant.’

    I can see why Himesh used to create ‘factory music.’ I remember him saying Banaras was what he created with his heart and did not work. True I guess.

    Though, what still amuses me is that Pritam still makes lot of his music in factory style, with similar things repeated, and still manages to be liked by everyone, masses and classes alike.

  • Syed.khaja ali

    Guys Hai ,
     Please write reviews honestly.dont make people crazy
    if u like a any star you wrote his review superbly and 4.5 stars to that even if it is boring and there no matter in it .
    I want to say That Teri-meri song is really superb,in current year till realeased tracks teri-Mer is the best song and its going to rock .
    if you dont like himesh atleast give creadit to rahat and sreya.
    Teri-meri going to rockkkkkkk  man. What a nice song,

    • “if you dont like himesh atleast give creadit to rahat and sreya”

      What the heck is this then =>” lovely melody, beautifully sung by Rahat and Shreya”?

      Did you bother to read the review actually?

  • jeanjohny

    Karthik off the topic.. check this out..

  • Justin Rao

    Yes it’s Pritam’s I love You & Himesh’s Teri Meri dat saves this otherwise average soundtrack.

    Bt fr me it’s ‘Teri Meri’ dat is d best song in the album. & Dat is coming frm a die hard Pritam fan! kudos to Himesh fr the song bt I expected mre frm him conisidering this was his ‘comeback’

    • Teri Meri – Ordinary composition, great rendition, to sum up.

  • Teri Meri has been lifted from Cleopatra Stratan’s song La Betlem Colo n jons.

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