Thursday July 21, 2011

Keratam (Music review), Telugu – Joshua Sridhar

Posted by Karthik

Sometimes nelapaina, Nee navvula and Hey Okka merupai meander along without causing any kind of impact, but, thankfully, Saathyamena rekindles Joshua’s sound from his Tamil debut; with Karthik and Swetha crooning, this is a lovely listen. Vayase nidura, after that soft start, builds up the melody quite well into a very tuneful song! Fashion show has an oddly charming Andhra-style catchiness despite the stale package. The best track of the soundtrack is also the shortest – Karthik’s Nidure chedire; lilting melody made better by Karthik’s vocals! Joshua’s music seems to be stuck in a time warp; Keratam doesn’t help either.

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  • The album is really good with nice balance between fast paced tracks and melodies. Try to encourage him. Saying things like “stale” will do no good. No offense intended at you.

    • milliblog

      The best I can add as encouragement is the fact that I’m really looking forward to Joshua’s music in Parthiban’s forthcoming film, Vithagan. It’s been long in the making, but given Parthiban’s penchant for creative themes and his past work in extracting some good music from even people like Deva, I’d love to see what Joshua does with him.

  • havyas sb

    I`m here for the first time and i will return because i like this blog !

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