Tuesday July 12, 2011

Joginder Tuteja and Bollywood Hungama’s passionate plea for plagiarism

Posted by Karthik

I really do not want to accord this Bollywood Hungama piece by Joginder Tuteja any respect since I believe it doesn’t deserve any. But, after sleeping over it, I felt that it deserves at least a rebuttal. And I’m not going to add specific sentence by sentence and add my thoughts on it – that is so not worth it. Instead, here’s the gist of what this piece completely misses.

Yes, I agree that as movie-going public, we tend to jump on the plagiarism alleging bandwagon and blame movies even with the promos. Yes, we do go overboard and paint all filmmakers with one broad black stroke. And yes, it is far easier to plagiarize now given so many influences all around us. Even more tellingly, as this website/video explains, everything does seem to be a remix.

But, here’s the catch – these reasons only explain the other side of the story. Plagiarism (or remix) is first a creator’s story. It is nothing but the creator’s intent. And that intent comes across in the form of him (or her) not crediting the source. Sometimes, it is an operational issue – ‘If I credit, do I need to pay royalty?’. But most of the times, it comes down to a choice – ‘Who the F cares? What’s the worse that can happen?’.

It is distressing to see a mainstream, film-based website like Bollywood Hungama ofering such a passionate plea for plagiarism. Simple question: if someone flicks generous dollops of text from that article and uses it in another publication – without any credit whatsoever – would Bollywood Hungama’s argument still be this? (to use a quote from the article)

For me as a reader, all that matters is whether the article published has captivated me enough or not. If there is someone who should actually be breaking his head over what to create (or copy) next, it’s the author of the piece, not me!



  • Scratchy Singh

    I’m movie lover, I watch movies from all language from Punjabi to South Indian movies Arabic Movies and more other languages, being from North India.. I had to download Pirated movies for south Indian Movies but when I see same stuff made in bollywood with big hype…I’m satisfied bcoz I download them too….not paying for it..so when BOLLYWOOD WALA have plans for making something original let me know…I’ll watch that in cinema theaters and pay for it. till then keep DOWNLOADING. 🙂

    • Jaydeep

      Going by your logic, I clearly understand, Joginder’s brainfarting. Original or remakes or freemakes, probably doesn’t matter to him too, coz’ probably he gets free tix to all the bollywood movies, courtesy of bollywood hungama.

  • guyfunny

    What a piece of drivel ! No wonder bollywood churns out sh*t when people like Tuteja supports it !

  • Joginder tuteja is full of sh*t. We do care moron because it takes credit away from the creator, who worked his ass off over it.

    What a prick.

  • Dev Jyothichand

    Yeah, that article is useless.
    I agree that nothing is totally original…..but then, does that mean that the directors/producer can’t give credit?
    So shameful…

  • Jaydeep

    Its funny how just the captions alone read when you scroll down…
    Joginder Tuteja and Bollywood Hungama’s passionate plea for plagiarism..Kaala Safaid..

    Anyways, I agree with most out here, its a sad viewpoint from someone who is himself is in a creative field…unless he himself is a copy/paste writer.

  • As a fan of indian movies and music ,The article is offensive to the core sensibilities of the Movie going Audience .I am proud of RDB,Udaan,Aaranya Kandam and Sadayam…All Original works,All great movies in their own right..The guy who wrote it seems to be fan of movies like Ek Ajnabee and Govinda’s Movies …SAD

  • rprasad

    Karthik, Are you sure you really understood what the article was about?  I just read it and it never preaches plagiarism passionately as your comment seem to suggest. It only says that for a common man to just relax and watch the movie if the movie is captivating and entertaining instead of worrying about if the movie was copied or not. Yes critics will worry about that and the original creator should get his due and the article never suggests otherwise. Its just a simple article stating that majority of the movie goes should not sweat on such details and instead just enjoy the movie if they happen to like it. Nothing wrong with that. IT also clearly says that purists who want to raise these issues are free to do so. But the underlying point in his article was for the common man, just enjoy the movie if you like it (copy or original does not matter)

    • Dev Jyothichand

      Well, the fact that the movie is copied  does affect some people’s enjoyment.
      Thing is, if you are asking audiences to enjoy something which is copied significantly, without credit, then you are indirectly encouraging plagiarism. That’s the point!

  • adithyavijay

    I agree with Karthik. Also I find the article is more preachy about how the viewers should watch a film like getting beyond the tip of the nose. That is really annoying, leave alone plagiarism. If you watch a film like that, you cannot preach everyone to watch like that. Definitely this is hurting the movie goer’s sensibilities.

  • Ramesh Chakrapani
    • Didn’t Devi Sri Prasad compose both Dhinka Chika and Ringa Ringa?

      Unfair to accuse pritam imo.

    • Dev Jyothichand

      Yup, DSP confirmed this already.
      Please stop accusing composers for no reason!!

  • piko123

    5 minutes of my time wasted… not due to ur blog, but since i had to read the BH article in question
    this was N1WR (not one worth responding to)

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