Friday July 1, 2011

Vaagai Sooda Vaa (Music review), Tamil – Ghibran

Posted by Karthik

Anitha’s vocals on Senga soola kaara is highly reminiscent of Nityashree Mahadevan’s range; along with getting the vocals right, debutant Ghibran also gets fabulous support from Vairamuthu who pens lyrics that evoke helpless predicament so evocatively in that impactful tune! Neha Bhasin turns in a shockingly pleasant surprise in Poraney poraney; she sings against her usual Tamil repertoire and together with Ranjith, delivers a knock-out, with Ghibran crafting a heart-warming melody with simple but mighty impressive orchestration! As if these weren’t enough, Ghibran throws in the grand Aana avanna with a fabulous children’s choir and spectacularly imagined backgrounds from Lisbon Symphony Orchestra…and now it is hard to believe that this is a debut soundtrack. But there’s more! Chinmayi’s Sara sara saara kaathu has a immensely likeable Uzhavan-like flourish but Ghibran ensures that there’s nothing remotely similar tune-wise – his confidence shows in every note! Even the two short pieces, Thaila thaila and Thanjavuru madathi stand out – the former for Rita’s singing and the latter for Ve Ramasamy’s lively lyrics and Jayamurthy’s earthy rendition! Vaagai Sooda Vaa’s soundtrack is a brilliant achievement – the music is refined and layered, something that is rarely expected out of a debut! Hats off, Ghibran!

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  • Mohamed Irfan

    The title of the movie could have easily been read as “vadai suda vaa”!What exactly does the title mean?

    • Vaagai means a flower which represents victory in the classical Tamil world. Meaning of this title is, come to win!

  • poraney is the clear winner of the album… loved the way ranjith & neha rendered their voice for this 🙂

  • NRI_2

    I remember Ranjith sang essentially the same song “Poraley poraley” (same tune etc) when he was a contestant on Sapthaswarangal years ago – he mentioned in that contest that he’d written the song himself (maybe with a friend, can’t remember).

    • milliblog

      What?? That’s strange! Also, this was shared on the Milliblog FB page – there is some similarity for sure…music by Keeravani!

      • u may need to find out if Ghibran worked with Keeravani before 😉 Nevertheless Ghibran has a bright future if he churns quality stuffs like this for his future projects.

    • milliblog

      Got things cleared from Ghibran.

      Ghibran’s earlier name was VijayGee, and he was part of the band called Drishti, which consisted of himself (on keyboards), Ranjith and Shudeep (vocals), Sai (guitar) and Santhosh (drums). ‘Poraley’ was first composed by him in 1999 and was sung by Ranjith too for Saptaswarangal…seems director Sargunam liked the tune and wanted to use it for this film.

      On the similarity between the Telugu song, I’d perhaps look at it at best as a coincidence, beyond the initial line.

  • sunilssounds

    Please be sure to check the official twitter fan page for MGhibran -

  • Really surprised by the range of his debut album…Good talent 

  • Sam

    My cousin was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to the tune of Aana Avanna.. Sounds great!

  • Hi guyz the official fan page of M.GHIBRAN is now setup in facebook.plz follow us here .

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  • ‘Sara Sara’ was a great song.. The choice of words make all the more better.. Wish ‘Thaila’ was a full song..

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