Wednesday June 15, 2011

Chillar Party (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi

Posted by Karthik

Tai tai phish and it’s variant, Aa rela hai are high on catchy Maharashtrian folk, but are strictly passable. Mohit Chauhan’s dependable vocals and Nitesh Tiwari’s lyrics prop Chatte batte, but Ziddi piddi isn’t so lucky despite ambitious orchestration. It’s when Amit gets kids to express themselves that things sound better; Ek school banana hai displays flashes of Udaan’s form, while Behla do, smartly packaged in nostalgic retro-pop and kids’ perspectives, works too. Liar liar is underwhelming, the tune and the kids mouthing cheesy cynicism about the adult world, both. Functional music by a composer from whom we’ve heard better.

Keywords: Amit Trivedi, Chillar Party, Salman Khan



  • Scratchy Singh

    Amit Trivedi n Ram Sampat ruling all over

  • Salman Khan ?

    • milliblog

      The film’s producer!

  • I’m disappointed that this album didnt get a 200 worder.. as i assume most AT albums do. I haven’t listened to the album yet, but I hope it’s better than its made out to be..

  • Dev Jyothichand

    Lol, I don’t know what Sonnenlicht is going to say about this.
    Karthik, you mean the album isn’t good??

    • milliblog

      Strictly ok…I won’t spend a lot of time listening to this. May perhaps sound better if seen along with the movie.

      • Dev Jyothichand

         Ok, what about Delhi Belly? I thought the songs were more like spoofs, than actual songs……

        • milliblog

          I don’t think so….they sound ‘spoofy’ perhaps due to the nature of the film, but sound great, unlike mock spoofs.

          • Dev Jyothichand

             Ok, to each his own.
            Thanks for your honest, hard hitting opinions Karthik.

  • Swaroop Dunna

    The beats in Ziddi Piddi sounds like back ground score of Angelina Jolies’ Wanted movie

  • Sonnenlicht

    Aa rela hai & Tai tai Phish suggests Amit Trivedi is taking pointers from South Indian Film Music. But I hope he picks better stuff from here. Vijay Antony level music.
    Only interesting portion of Behla Do is the 20 seconds lude which starts
    roughly at 2:22.
    Chatte Batte, Liar Liar & Ziddi Piddi are not just terribly boring and routine but embarrassing, coming from Trivedi.
    And one would expect better stuff from Trivedi than Ek school banana hai, which sounds like a boring church rhyme at best.
    Even the Guitar usage is uninspiring in the whole album. Easily his worst effort.

    There you go Dev. My opinion is much worse. 🙂

    PS: Some portions of Aa rela hai & Tai Tai Phish reminds me of some verses of
    Ilaiyaraaja’s *Mama un ponna kudu* (Thaali kattavum Melam Kottavum…..) from Rajnikanth’s Maapillai – Not sure though.

    • Sonnenlicht

      Correction. *Mama un ponna kudu* from Rajnikanth’s Rajathi Raja.

    • Dev Jyothichand

      Lol, Sonnenlicht. I agree almost totally with ya… for once.
      Amit should try something better next time. He should stop doing such small budget movies, with somewhat dubious directors who don’t probably understand music.
      Okay, what about my songs then? Heard them?

  • kartvenkat

    Tai Tai phish is a typical Tamil kuthu song and not as Maharashtrian folk…Infact a Srikanth Deva type song… Again Amit trying ”RAHMAN” in his song interludes.. especially Chatte Batte…but not working well….other songs are just average… only pick of the album is Ziddi Piddi!!! We want Aamir & Dev D Amit Back!!!!! will he???

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