Sunday May 29, 2011

Shaitan (Music review), Hindi – Prashant Pillai, Ranjit Barot, Amar Mohile, Mikey McCleary, Anupam Roy & Bhayanak Maut

Posted by Karthik

Prashant Pillai’s Bali is trippy, but perhaps goes overboard. He gets his groove in Nasha and O Yaara – eminently tuneful, both! It’s also easy to identify Amit Trivedi in his adequately-grungy Fareeda. Amar Mohile’s RGV-influenced mediocrity thankfully ends with Josh, while Mikey McCleary’s reggae-recreation of Hawa hawai is Suman Shridhar’s show! Chandan Shive’s superb vocals power Ranjit Barot’s techno-Maharashtrian Pintya. Ranjit’s Zindagi and Amy’s Theme work wonderfully well too! Anupam Roy’s Retro pop shit and Prashant’s Enter and Outro offer delightful soundscapes, while Bhayanak Maut’s Unleashed is music bhayanakally gone haywire. Shaitan’s soundtrack is dizzying, eclectic, indulgent and occasionally overdone.

Keywords: Shaitan, Prashant Pillai, Anurag Kashyap, Amar Mohile, Mikey McCleary, Ranjit Barot, Anupam Roy, Bhayanak Maut



  • tejas

    Not a fan of those heavier heavy metal, are you?

    • milliblog

      Not exactly – I wouldn’t generalize it that way.

      • tejas

        Hmm..agree the song didn’t catch my fancy in a great way. But it did shock me just by its presence in the album. I didn’t think it was terrible though. Just the regular metal that the Indian bands choose to emulate from their Scandinavian counterparts because it makes it easily recognizable and they don’t have to chart any new territories music-wise.

        • milliblog

          Good catch on the Scandinavian angle. I’m a huge fan of Hedningarna and some of their music involves brutal, primitive folk music that redefines heavier than heavy metal…but the base is always tuneful. I didn’t find that in this song.

          • tejas

            You should listen to the songs of 404-No Error Found. Some good raw stuff by The Pulp Society. Suman Sridhar is having a roll!! I don’t know why she chooses to do the remixes only, after those Coke jingles. There is every opportunity for typecasting her.

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  • sounded more like noise.. but i’ll givei t another listen just for the sake of giving new composers a chance

  • Did anyone think the Tamil bit from the Bali song (Athisaya Raagam) was awesome? Can’t get it out of my head, damn!


    • Seetharaman K

      Dora, in case you didnt know the Tamil words are from the KB/Kamal song

      • I was unaware of that, though I came across it while googling 🙂

        Do you know the rest of the Tamil lyrics? I mean right after the Athisaya…Apoorvaragam portion?

  • cenasundar

    I dunno if everyone will accept my comment but i found Shaitan’s Music much better and much more hooked than the music of Delhi Belly…….

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