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Thursday April 14, 2011 16:47

180 (Music review), Tamil – Sharreth Vasudevan

Besides Tippu’s emphatic vocals, what stands out in Rules kidayaadhu is that mind-bending rhythm. Even minor nuances like background chorus and that chendai sound are all beautifully packaged! The curiously titled AJ has fabulous singing by both Ramya and Vidhu Prathap, and Sharreth’s expansive imagination, including generous smattering of Spanish – delightful song! Sharreth makes […]

Tum ho mixes Nadeem Shravan’esque simplicity with a Pritam-style uptempo hook; pleasant, but KK sounds uninterested. Sidharth Basrur makes a confident debut in the Latino-tinged Janiya, while his other song, Mujhe de de suffers due to a middling tune. Najam Sheraz and Jojo’s filmy rock sufi Tera hi bas is engaging enough despite sounding like […]

NW1W. Well, barring Sachin Gupta’s reasonably engaging Hi 5. Keywords: Due Date, Gourov Dasgupta, Due Date, Sachin Gupta, Due Date, Anand Raj Anand, Due Date, Rohit Kulkarni, Due Date, Chalo Dilli, Due Date

Tuesday April 12, 2011 19:06

Kool (Music review), Kannada – V Harikrishna

Chandrana has obviously poor chorus vocals, but Hari sure knows how to appeal to the lowest common denominator; the song is catchy. Much like Naveen Madhav’s Inky pinky, with that childishly repetitive hook. Coffee (listed as ‘Coffeg’ in the CD!) has horrendous vocals by Ganesh and contrastingly lovely singing by Priyadarshini; only its conversational style […]

Mika’s Punjabi hip-hop in Gaddi moudan ge sounds good since it gets the catchy hooks right, while Warrant tries a similar hip-hop pattern with poorer results. Jaggi Singh’s title song has an unconventional rhythm pattern that hooks you in instantly; Jaggi’s earthy vocals help too. If you ignore the 2 short, chant’ish Sura so pehchaniye […]

Adnan Sami sounds different but good in the charming piano and violin fusion, Infatuation! Sans the violin, Tippu’s Dhooram achieves a similar high, with an even more engaging melancholic tune! Harini’s Thiru thiru uses the carnatic base cleverly like a consummate K.Balachander concept! Aho Balu and A Square are standard foot-tapping Devi material with an […]

There is a strong Mithoon flavor in Roop Kumar Rathod’s already popular Saaware, composed by Harpreet Singh; a wonderfully arranged melody. Harpreet’s other, fresh contribution to the soundtrack, Deem deem tana, has imaginative orchestration, but a middling tune. Agnee’s older hit Ujale baaz continues to enthrall, complete with gripping guitar usage. Kailash Kher’s Babam bam […]

Kodi kotti is a wonderful intro song; simple, catchy tune and appropriately grand backgrounds. Annanmar kathai starts off in typical folk fashion, but throws a scintillating googly as it progresses – vintage Raja bending genres like only he can! Bavani varugiraa goes one step ahead in genre bending, as if the earlier song was just […]

Neelesh’s small town introduction is heart-warmingly worded. The song tied to it – Shilpa Rao’s Yaadon ke idiot box mein opens the musical part of the album delightfully; a gorgeous mix of Shilpa’s vocals, Neelesh’s words and Amartya’s music, topped by Sabir Khan’s haunting sarangi. Tanha logon ke highlights changing India through the protagonist’s mom […]

Sunday April 3, 2011 20:32

Top recent listens – March 2011

Beggin’ & Can’t take my eyes off you – Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, The Ultimate Collection One of my favorite albums in recent times, with considerable repeat airplay in my car! Beggin’ has a fairly improved, remix’y version and is absolutely stunning! Hindi film fans would immediately recognize (and love) the other song; […]

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