Monday April 25, 2011

Ready (Music review), Hindi – Pritam and Devi Sri Prasad

Posted by Karthik

Mix Mika and Devi Sri Prasad’s already iconic Telugu front-bencher pleaser, Ringa ringa…and you get Dhinka Chika; easily this year’s Munni badnaam. The rest of the 3 original tracks by Pritam pale in comparison, quite surprisingly! While Meri ada bhi regurgitates Jassi’s Jaidev Kumar composed Dil le gayi kudi, Humko pyar hua apes Pritam’s own Singh Is King number Teri ore, oh-so uncomfortably. Character dheela is the only Pritam track that manages to sustain interest thanks largely to Neeraj Shridhar and Amrita Kak’s breezy vocals. Composer Devi Sri Prasad clearly owns this soundtrack with his single, tried and tested material!

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  • Ringa Ringa was awesome (didn’t understand a word of it though). Does Dhinka Chika translate the lyrics as well?

  • Truly Karthik! A music loaded month indeed!!

  • Dwayne1401

    hey karthik don’t you think dhinka chika’s music is arranged by pritam, coz the lyricist ashish pandit only writes lyrics for pritam.

  • Justin Rao

    Off the topic but,
    Sir do u Stil consider Reverse Plagerism in itwofs??
    If yes, then I have something for u.
    The song “Love Mera Hit” from Billu by PRITAM was “sampled” by Serbian pop singer Anabela Đogani in her song “Igra Istine”.
    It’s mentioned in wiki.
    According to Wiki, Igra Istine came in 2010 & Pritam’s track came in 2009 so no case of pritam ripping off that track.
    Here’s Igra Istine:
    Oh & by the way, does Sampling means officially using that tune or jst lifting it without credit??
    This can b interesting bcoz poor Pritam is always the 1 who’s blamed. Ur views needed Sir!

  • Sneha

    Character Dheela reminds me of Modern Talking’s Cheri Cheri Lady.

    • Justin Rao

      Aah! Mumbai Mirror again!
      They r nt even good @ making allegations.
      I strongly believe they’ve something against the film Ready.
      First they claimed that Pritam ripped off Ringa Ringa frm Arya 2- False.
      Then they noticed Salman’s ‘red eyes’ in the promos.
      & nw this!!

      Character Dheela does sound a bit like that. Bt naaah!!

    • i just listened to the ajnabee numberrrrrrrrrr no comparison mannnnnnnnnnnnnn u are just stupids i know that and u are again and again proving ittttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • great songs by PRITAM…… milliblog can never understandd the standard of PRITAM poor blog what can they say justtt yelling and shouting at the great things stupidddddddddddddddddddd

    i readdly enjoyed the songs they all have PRITAM TRADEMARK touch to them….u dnt really know how to make compositions workkk

  • bj

    tulsi kumar should be banned from the industry

  • ChandraTV
  • Jaydeep

    I do see a similarity between Anu Malik’s Ajnabee track & Character Dheela..but what Anu Malik is crying about..hasn’t he been guilty of the same (plagiarising his fellow composer’s work) on several occaisions..and moreover this might be just a coincidence..or may be both were inspired by the same foreign track. As Sneha pointed out it may be Cheri Cheri Lady..there is a slight similarity there too.

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  • if you listen this song
    and then listen “Character Dheela”. for me this is original not “Muhobbat Naam Hai Kiska”

  • Justin Rao

    What u get wen KK is singing a romantic sng fr the hit machine Pritam??

    u get this seasons best romantic track, ‘Humko Pyaar Hua’!

    It’s easy on ears & extrmly melodious.

    ‘Character Dheela’ is Not dheela at all!! Fab song!! Though it’s Trademark Pritam.

    I hated ‘Meri Ada Bhi’ in the 1st listn bt a couple of mre listens & I am completely in love wid this sng!

    & with ‘Dhinka Chika’, DSP debuts good!

  • I love Hindi music…’s very impressive songs! Pritam and Devi Sri Prasad is my faourite……….love these guys. Thanks!

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