Tuesday April 12, 2011

Dharti (Music review), Punjabi – Jaidev Kumar

Posted by Karthik

Mika’s Punjabi hip-hop in Gaddi moudan ge sounds good since it gets the catchy hooks right, while Warrant tries a similar hip-hop pattern with poorer results. Jaggi Singh’s title song has an unconventional rhythm pattern that hooks you in instantly; Jaggi’s earthy vocals help too. If you ignore the 2 short, chant’ish Sura so pehchaniye (made immortal in pop culture by Tamas’ theme song) and Deh Shiva, what stands out is Gippy Grewal’s Sarkaaran that has a lovely folk tune using the Iktara sound, and Rabbi’s Bandiya Tu, a rocking guitar-loaded pop sufi track! Highly listenable work by Jaidev Kumar.

Keywords: Jimmy Shergill, Jaidev Kumar, Rabbi Shergill, Dharti



  • Oye hoye Sir ji, waah ji waah, dil khush kar-ta… 🙂

    I have a wishlist, that you do a Jaidev Kumar Top 10 sometime in future.

    This review means that even if a guy isn’t too good at Punjabi, he’d enjoy it. Hence I can recommend it to my friends who aren’t too good at the language. 🙂

  • Jaydeep

    Like many others visiting this blog would’ve ( I am assuming looking at no. of comments)..I too, unintentionally, skipped this review. But, I must say its really impressive. Interesting effort by Jaidev Kumar.

  • Jaidev rocks 🙂

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