Wednesday April 6, 2011

Ponnar Shankar (Music review), Tamil – Ilayaraja

Posted by Karthik

Kodi kotti is a wonderful intro song; simple, catchy tune and appropriately grand backgrounds. Annanmar kathai starts off in typical folk fashion, but throws a scintillating googly as it progresses – vintage Raja bending genres like only he can! Bavani varugiraa goes one step ahead in genre bending, as if the earlier song was just a trailer – vibrant imagination! Malar villile and Kannai padithen offer great melodies but marred by overpowering orchestration, particularly the former. Thedi vantha devadhai, quite contrarily, offers sparkling orchestration, but an embarrassing tune. Barring those minor quibbles, this is a majestic soundtrack from the veteran!

Keywords: Ilayaraja, Prashant, Ponnar Shankar, Ponnar Sankar



  • Dont agree with your perspective on Kannai padithaen – i don’t think it has the over powering orchestration, it has very clean one in my IMHO . Infact it is kodi kotti is the song which has too much over powering orchestration, even for an ‘opening’ song ..

    Other than that i liked ‘but throws a scintillating googly as it progresses’,’as if the earlier song was just a trailer – vibrant imagination’ descriptions – but your regular punch is missing in this review –

    ( Mumbai Ramki)

  • What we are noticing as overpowering orchestration is the fact that IR doe not seem to be attracting good talent for sound engineers. We have come a very long way (even though ARR has been pioneer in this) recently where the quality of sound and mixing is amazing across the board (especially S-E-L). The mixing of IR songs suffer from this lack of vivid imagination in sound (I am not talking about tune/music).

  • Thedi Vantha Devadhai is an embarassing tune? My goodness, thats a fantastic song all the way through. Raja rocks with this one.

  • Kannai Padithen is one of the songs we have been longing for so long from Raaja.

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