Saturday March 26, 2011

Teenmaar (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Posted by Karthik

Mani Sharma appropriates the already delightful Chor bazari from the original to create an equally likeable Aale bale! Karunya’s Vayyarala has an intentionally packaged, nice old-worldly charm to it. Chiguru boniya and Barbi bommaki are standard Mani fare; booming, lively orchestration with the tunes going nowhere. Sri Ganga is interesting – mixes the devotional, and the masala, with that catchy Jagamelu sivashankara phrase, while Gelupu thalupule gains from Mani’s haunting, Kehna hai kya-style backgrounds and Sri Ramachandra’s vocals. Teenmaar goes a bit more than the usual, template driven Mani Sharma soundtrack; guess the original soundtrack and theme were inspiring enough!

Keywords: Pawan Kalyan, Trisha, Mani Sharma, Manisharma, Theen Maar, Teenmaar

PS: Amazing spelling mess in the CD sleeve of Teenmaar, by the way. Mahati Recording Studio is mentioned as ‘Mahati Recorded Studio’, while the CD design firm (perhaps) is called ‘Working Tittle’!



  • Chiguru boniya’s rap portions totally remind me of Flo Rida’s Right Round. Adequately catchy though..

  • Chiguru boniya’s rap portions totally remind me of Flo Rida’s Right Round. Adequately catchy though..

  • It should have been Gelupu rather than Gelugu.Also,I’m not sure about this though,I think the singer of Gelupu Thalupule is Sreeram Chandra(Indian Idol 5 winner?).I guess the spelling mess brouhaha caught up with you as well! Nice review.Didn’t warm up to Aale Bale initially.As you said it rightly,this one offers more than the standard fare.

    • milliblog

      Absolutely – have changed it! Thanks!

  • Chiaroscuro7

    working tittle is not a typo.. working title I blv is international company, while the indian rip off is named as working tittle, probably for numerological reasons..

  • Yogi_Music

    ‘Gelupu Thalupule’ is lifted from this….

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