Monday March 21, 2011

Vaanam (Music review), Tamil – Yuvan Shankar Raja

Posted by Karthik

Silambarasan mauls Tamil cinema lyrics like never before, in Evan di unna; the song itself is catchy enough with an overdose of the fart-like sound Yuvan loves. Yuvan goes off-key in the title song, but his tune and orchestration completely save it! Cable raja and No money are so obviously focused on the feet; they deliver the goods satisfactorily, with also a surprising cameo by Srikanth Deva in the latter. Yuvan’s rock turn in Who am I? is a throbbing affair with lovely guitar by Keba and full-throated vocals by Benny. Despite all drawbacks, Vaanam remains a very listenable soundtrack!

Keywords: STR, Silambarasan, Anushka, Bharat, Yuvan Shankar Raja



  • evandi

    ‘Fart-like’ !! Karthik, i look forward to your reviews, but… does it have to be this way? I hope, you have a good reason!

    • cenasundar

      I felt using that phrase was a little infact very very unnecessary…….

    • cenasundar

      I felt that was a little infact very very unnecessary…….

  • LOL, blasted to laugh once i read “fart-like sound”, IMO that description is very apt with out any confusion.

  • now, I dont think indiaglitz will copy this 🙂

  • dmachop

    ………the fart-like sound Yuvan loves………….
    Why this Yuvan bashing??? Started to deviate towards HJ, although repetitive?

  • sunilssounds

    Karthik – You want Indiaglitz to avoid copying your review, hence you’ve incorporated this “fart-like sound” phrase.


  • vimmuuu

    You are gonna invite a lot of unnecessary hits with that one word !! 😀 😀 😀

    Its a terrible album IMHO with only the title track being an exception.

    Donno if this comparison is right, but ‘Vedam’ had amazing songs ! Had great expectations from this album only because of the original ! Hope they havent played around with the script just like the soundtrack!

  • No review of Teenmar? Mani Sharma lifted Chori Baazi unless the producers earned music rights from the original.

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