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Dum maaro dum (Music review), Hindi – Pritam

Posted by Karthik

Dum maaro dum’s remix works appropriately by not redoing it as-is and cleverly incorporating choice elements from the original in a funky mix; kudos to Midival Punditz and Karsh Kale, credited for additional Dum Maaro Dum riff! Ash King, Sunidhi and Mohit profess love in Spanish across 3 versions of Te amo; passable and predictable Pritam ditty. Jaana hai, despite the trendy package, barely passes muster, but Thayn thayn, featuring SmallB’s rap is a surprisingly good listen! Pritam turns on his Metro-style music in Jiyein kyun and debuts Assamese singer Papon to fantastic effect! Dum maaro dum is selectively entertaining.

Keywords: Abhishek Bachchan, Pritam, Papon, Dum Maaro Dum, Midival Punditz, Karsh Kale, Deepika Padukone



  • Completely agree with your review. What happened to the Pritam of 2008-09?

    • He ran out of ‘music to be plagiarized’ errrrr I mean ‘his inspiration’

  • Justin Rao

    Bang on! Completely agree with your review!
    & yes, Thayn Thayn is indeed good & surprising. The Zubeen song is slowly growing on me.
    Album is Good.
    But Sir few questions from my side,
    1) What does ‘Commercial Loop’ means?? Came accross this word a lot while reading your blog.
    2) I thought itwofs mentions the list of all those “Inspired” & copied songs, but surprisingly i bumped upon 3 such entries wherein I think they dont deserve that entry.
    ‘Chori Ki Baatien’ from Fight Club:
    You clearly stated that,
    ‘Fight Club’s CD does credit Ali Zafar for the source track. So, Pritam gets away scot-free this time!’ Now, if it is officialy credited then why it deserves an entry in itwofs??
    Same goes for Bheegi Bheegi from gangster which was duely credited & Challa.

    • milliblog

      Loops are pieces of music/sounds that composers can buy and use them as-is or with modifications. They are not exclusive and so, you can hear them in multiple composers’ work.

      Those 2 tracks do not deserve an entry, I agree. But the issue is that I get at least 5 mails every month asking me to add them. Simple reason? Nobody looks at CD sleeve anymore, I doubt if people even keep the CDs these days, if at all they buy it. So, there is not consistent place to see where an official credit has been added. Funnily, many people find out that a lift is official via….of all the places, ItwoFS!

      • Justin Rao

        Ha ha! Thank you Sir.
        But wouldn’t it be nice if you create a separate category for “Officially Credited Songs” in itwofs?? Like you have category for, Advt, coincidences, Trivia. In the same way if at all possible you can add this 1 too! It feels bad when these credited songs are on the same page with the uncredited one’s!
        PS: By doing this you may have at least 5 less mails a month! 🙂

    • Scratchy Singh

      Challa was credited after 4weeks of music release with New cover launching in market after Babal Rai asked for credit

      • Justin Rao

        Nope. I wasn’t talking about Babal’s version. The album gave credit to ‘Challa-Traditional folk song’.
        Milliblog’s sole argument was y they didn’t specify which Artist’s song they wer using coz there r many versions of Challa. Temur rightly pointed out in Crook’s review that The Traditional versions r vry similar to the film version. Check out these two versions
        Challa by Gurudas:
        & bY Lohar:
        Now there r many more versions that sounds similar, but how can u credit all of them/artists?? If u credit Gurudas, Lohar may have a point that his version sounds same. If u credit Lohar then some1 else might come up with another allegation of his. So They might have decided to credit ‘Chaala’ in general to avoid such complications. Babal’s version is also based on this.

  • One thing I noticed about Pritam: When he takes credits to remix the original, his remix works less than when he doesn’t give credit to the original (aka when he copies).

  • One thing I noticed about Pritam: When he takes credits to remix the original, his remix works less than when he doesn’t give credit to the original (aka when he copies).

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  • karthikvenkat

    “Thayn Thayn” beats are like Nelly furtado’s “Give it to me”…….

    • Scratchy Singh

      can we dedicate itwofs page to Prtam and his Son and Grandsons

    • I’ve listened to it again… and you’re spot on. But rap/hip-hop is licensed to sample tracks isn’t it 😉

  • Justin Rao

    Sir got something interesting!!
    PRITAM re-uses his own tunes again!
    The song ‘Billo Rain’ is very similar to a song from the movie Agneepankh called Ishq Ishq Mein.
    To be specific, the line/tune
    ‘Ishq Kar Ke Tujhse Deewaana betaab hua Barbaad hua..’
    From Billo Rani is EXACTLY Similar
    ‘Ishq ishq Mein tere ishq Mein hum toh lut Gaye haaye rabba..’

    Give it a hear sir!
    U won’t be dissapointed.

  • Jiyein kyun has same structure as FIX YOU by COLDPLAY…….please listen to both of them for similarities…..even both songs start with almost same pattern

    • milliblog

      Same structure – yes, I agree. But that is not enough to call it as a case of ‘plagiarism’ since the tunes are different.

  • Jaydeep

    “SmallB” actually sounds like a rapper’s name. I know its dumb but honestly I didn’t realize you meant Abhishek until I listened to the song.

  • Scratchy Singh

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