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The 7+ minute title song is expansively beautiful, while Aisa to hota gets a lot more intimate with a Jaidev-stye sitar strain, faintly reminiscent of Gaman’s Seene mein jalan. Tere nain has the trio working in sparkling unison, Gulzar coming to the fore brilliantly. Tanhai mein is the odd one out – a templatized, staid […]

Saturday March 26, 2011 16:51

Teenmaar (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Mani Sharma appropriates the already delightful Chor bazari from the original to create an equally likeable Aale bale! Karunya’s Vayyarala has an intentionally packaged, nice old-worldly charm to it. Chiguru boniya and Barbi bommaki are standard Mani fare; booming, lively orchestration with the tunes going nowhere. Sri Ganga is interesting – mixes the devotional, and […]

NW1W. Mohit Chauhan’s Ranjit Barot and Sukhwinder Singh composed ‘Main chalna bhook gaya‘ does offer some hope. Keywords: Teen thay whatever.

Yashita Sharma’s breathless, lively vocals and the equally restless backgrounds help the child-friendly profoundness in Eena meena myna mo, while the Rock-on supplement by Suraj Jagan, Suno brother, works quite well! The 2 title songs, by Shankar Mahadevan, offer interesting music; one has pulsating, chant’y feel while the other goes predictably anthemic. Jhunjhunmakadstrama is a […]

Silambarasan mauls Tamil cinema lyrics like never before, in Evan di unna; the song itself is catchy enough with an overdose of the fart-like sound Yuvan loves. Yuvan goes off-key in the title song, but his tune and orchestration completely save it! Cable raja and No money are so obviously focused on the feet; they […]

Everything that Devi adds to Rao gari abbai, Light theesko and Aakasam badhalaina only makes them more jaded – mega recycle; Sagar and Megha do make desperate attempts to save the last one with their lively vocals. Dol dol dol baje escapes a similar fate because of its rhythm, while the techno pathos in Badhulu […]

Just another day in the life of Milliblog, I suppose? Let us look at the extent of plagiarism, from even my severely brief 100 words – sentence (Indiaglitz) by sentence (mine). Milliblog says: Vizhigalile is pitch-perfect; delightful tune, beautifully orchestrated and super vocals by Karthik and Chinmayi – delectable! Indiaglitz says: “Vizhigalile” is a pitch-perfect […]

Kadhal 2 Kalyanam is a perfectly balanced soundtrack in a way. On one hand, there are 3 songs that are high on zingy orchestration, but they also come with bland tunes that refuse to make a cut. This is the trio of Naan vetta pora aadu, Vellai kodi and Thedi varuven. But the soundtrack also […]

Friday March 18, 2011 18:46

Etthan (Music review), Tamil – Taj Noor

Mazhayudhirkaalam pushes all the right buttons; serene, rainy melody with beautiful vocals by Saindhavi and Vijay Yesudas. Etthan kelambittaanya too gets the vocals right for a catchy, booming hip-hop track, while Sevappu thaamaraye rides on Anandhu’s effortless singing and the composer’s fantastic ghatam-soaked backgrounds. Kaalayile and Kadanai kodutha offer contrastingly middling takes on debt; the […]

Thursday March 17, 2011 15:27

Urumi (Music review), Malayalam – Deepak Dev

The overall gaiety in Aaranne and its enthusiastic rhythm are instantly infectious! Aaro nee aaro has phenomenal vocals by Swetha and Yesudas for a sweeping melody, while Manjari’s Chimmi has really sweet, (Rahman’s) Uzhavan’ish orchestration! Reshmi’s Appaa is a serene, traditional solo with beautiful santoor backdrop, while her other song, Chalanam, gains completely from her […]

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