Tuesday February 8, 2011

Mambattiyan (Music review), Tamil – Thaman

Posted by Karthik

Karuppannasamy is a rollicking listen thanks to the techno-Urumi and Nadaswaram backgrounds, while Chinna ponnu sela is a sadly predictable attempt at creating a folk melody, despite a mildly likeable lilt. Kaatu vazhi remix is a terrible effort and even Thiagarajan’s sober version faithfully repackages Raja’s 1983 original and barely scrapes through. The Charukesi-laced Yedho aaghudae is appealing solely because of that raaga. Malayuru naattama ends of the album the way it started – pulsating kuthu, smartly cooked up with a familiar sound we’ve heard from a sporting event! Thaman’s Mambattiyan is standard commercial fare and is occasionally, appropriately engaging.

Keywords: Prasanth, Meera Jasmine, Thaman, Mambattiyan, Malayur Mambattiyan



  • sunilssounds

    All songs sound amazing on headphones. Awesome re-recording. Does Thaman arrange? I’m guessing he does! In this album he really shows off but he has every right to because he still is a debutant and the world out there is competitive. Thaman is definitely heading in the right direction by maintaing consistancy as well as exceling with every soundtrack.

    Last week Ithayam Peasuthey stole my heart and this week all the credit goes to Chinna Ponnu. (The nineties nostalgia brought about in the second interlude is certainly impressive)

    WOW, What a year this has been so far! TFM is on an all time high.

  • Thaman is getting better with every outing… waiting for him to score a vijay or ajith movie 😉

  • /while Chinna ponnu sela is a sadly predictable attempt at ‘creating’ a folk melody, despite a mildly likeable lilt./
    Shouldn’t it read as Recreating? the framing of whole sentence makes me think you aren’t aware of the original http://3.ly/6wCf which is highly unlikely!!

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