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Top recent listens – January 2011

Posted by Karthik

Rumor has it – Adele (Album: 21)
Adele’s second studio album, 21, is one of the best reviewed albums in recent times. That was enough for me to sample it and I love the album. ‘Rumor has it’ in particular, is a permanent fixture in my office drives!

Jaanu na jaanu na – Utt Pataang (Hindi – Shamir Tandon)
The film has released and has been adequately drubbed. So I guess we’ll forget this song from this film too. It has Shaan in his typical ballad’ish mood and despite the predictability in the tune, it is a great listen!

Chaos, A tale, Hope, Box and Life – Yudham Sei (Tamil – K)
Surprisingly effective instrumental background pieces from a debutant. I thought very hard before adding the Raja name as a point of reference since Maestro’s work in the field of background music is incredibly rich, but yes, some of K’s pieces did remind me of Raja’s music.

Aenativo & Idi adenemo – Golconda High School (Telugu – Kalyani Malik)
The 2 songs that worked for me in this soundtrack by Kalyani Malik, the latter, in particular has a lilt that refused to leave me for a long time!

Andaralaga – Kudirithey Kappu Coffee (Telugu – Yogeshwara Sharma)
Chitra’s impeccable vocals and a very Harris Jayaraj’ish tune make this song memorable!

Tumba tumba, Kyun main jaagoon & Aadat hai voh – Patiala House (Hindi – Shankar Ehsaan Loy)
Hans Raj Hans is Tumba tumba’s clear highlight, while the other two pensive songs make for great listening too!

Kondaattam – Thoonganagaram (Tamil – Sundar C Babu)
My personal favorite from Thoonganagaram. Shankar Mahadevan’s highly infectious vocals and a tune that reminds me of 80s Raja – despite all that enthusiasm, the tune, at some level, seems to have some sadness in it…at least in my mind! Must be the raaga!

Tolakari chinukai – Prema Kavali (Telugu – Anoop Rubens)
This is one song where Shreya Ghoshal seems to be in her seductive best! Anoop’s tune too works in her favor and this is one cracker of a song.

Phir teri and Title song – Angel (Hindi – Amjad Nadeem)
Who is this Amjad Nadeem? I mean, I know he has done some mediocre work before Angel, but how did he land this project? Phir teri is one of Sonu’s best in recent times while the title song is a killer, despite Karthik’s Bengali-style, ‘Anjol…Anjol’! I have a personal reason in getting addicted to this song too – I sing this song and play it often to me 4 month old daughter…she’s my little angel, after all!

Yennamo edho – Ko (Tamil – Harris Jeyaraj)
Yennamo edho works on 2 broad levels – Madhan Karky’s lyrics that use highly inventive and fresh words like ‘Kuviamilla’ and the way Harris makes use of such words in a perfect setting – the fact that the line, ‘Eno kuviamilla oru kaatchi paezhai’ has been used as a repetitive phrase is a masterstroke.

Title song – Yeh Saali Zindagi (Hindi – Nishat Khan)
Sunidhi Chauhan all the way – I particularly like the main hook (all 3 lines that end with Yeh Saali Zindagi)!

Doosri darling, Bekaran, Tere liye & O Mama – 7 Khoon Maaf (Hindi – Vishal Bharadwaj)
One of the best soundtracks of 2011 and we’re just 1 month into the year!



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