Tuesday February 1, 2011

Thiru Thiruda (Music review), Tamil/Sinhalese rap/hip-hop/R&B – Assorted artists

Posted by Karthik

The title track starts of intriguingly even as Chinmayi brings in the pleasant melody amidst breathlessly appealing rap by Iraj, Bullet and PsychoMantra. Karthik and Mahati rule Anthi neram and Kannale‘s gorgeous tunes respectively, ably supported by PsychoMantra’s occasional, equally lilting rap. Krishan and Iraj’s J-Town Story is full-fledged hip-hop, with a catchy tune and minor influences from international tracks. Muzhu nilave is the other variant of Anthi neram, this time with Dhilip Varman leading the melody, complemented by Bullet and Derren. Ennuyir neeyaga‘s uncredited female vocalist holds its repetitive, captivating portion, while Derren, Ragu ‘X-Jaiey’ Subramanium and Bullet ace the rest of the track. Maldivian singer Shani is thankfully credited in A hetha, a scintillating blend of Sri Lankan and Tamil verses! Shani’s duet with Bullet, Unai ninaithal, is the only middling song of the album. The album’s highlights are, however, Mata aloke, a funky remix of Jikki’s golden oldie that cleverly mixes the original Sinhalese portions with Tamil rap (credit missing for Ranidu Lankage who collaborated with Iraj) and Ran ran ran, with an addictive Punjabi base for a Sinhalese folk’ish tune, with captivating Tamil rap. Thiru Thiruda is thoroughly enjoyable album – the range and tunes are enthralling!

Keywords: Iraj, X-Jaiey , Derren, PsychoMantra, Bullet, Karthik, Chinmayi, Mahathi, Dhilip Varman, Shani, #200



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