Friday January 21, 2011

7 Khoon Maaf (Music review), Hindi – Vishal Bharadwaj

Posted by Karthik

The Kalinka-inspired Darling has an underwhelming rhythm…for such a mesmerizing tune! Usha Uthup and Rekha Bharadwaj make an incredible combo, but get their due only in the other version, Doosri Darling – the soundtrack’s magnificent highlight! This one gets an exciting and authentic Russian background, while Rekha’s vocals acquire a naughty edge. Vishal’s own vocals in Bekaran, along with that dulcet tune and Gulzar’s love-soaked sentences bear the composer’s standard style, but also a lot of Rahman. O’ Mama is very Amit Trivedi’ish, with its gradual build-up and rock riffs; KK rules this track and Gulzar stands out with his brilliant ‘Ek meow si Ladki’! Its acoustic version is a wonderful listen too! Master Saleem’s Awaara is templatized for most part, but for that haunting orchestration and a short sitar interlude. Tere liye seems to mildly invoke Eagles’ Best of My Love – this soothing, Suresh Wadkar-sung song is absolute magic in every sense. Dil dil hai enters Amit Trivedi territory again; Suraj Jagan does the honors in style in this incredibly energetic and catchy track. Rekha’s Yeshu is almost eerie, for a heartfelt prayer, but moves to an expansive chorus in the antara. Vibrant, delectable music from Vishal…yet again!

Keywords: Saat Khoon Maaf, 7 Khoon Maaf, Vishal Bharadwaj, Gulzar, Priyanka Chopra, John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Naseruddin Shah, Irrfan Khan, Anu Kapoor, Usha Uthup, #200



  • Amazing songs. Darling is one rocking number. Usha Uthup has made a fantastic comeback with this song. She is also playing a major role in the movie too. Songs are of varied genre and Vishal as usual does justice to all his songs. Surely will go down as one of the best soundtrack of 2011.

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  • rprasad

    Amit Trivedi is barely 4 or 5 movies old so lets not create a category or brand for him yet even though he may be talented. Vishal is a vastly more experienced and accomplished composer. So lets stay away from any Amit Trivedi territory kind of comments. Karthik, you seem to always come up with some wierd statements/analogies in your reviews. I still cannot get over the statement you made about a song in the MallePoovu music review. One more thing you need to understand if you want to continue reviewing albums(ven if its just your opinion) is to get more of a feel of a music composers sound as it relates to directors they work with(Eg:SEL and Karan Johar, and Vamsi, IR from the past). superficial reviews/opinions will not work all the time.

    • arunm

      Raavan review had a comment saying ‘T Rajendarish’. How amateurish.

      • milliblog

        You are seriously undermining the impact of T Rajendar in Tamil cinema, pal!

    • Karthik is not a full time music reviewer. This is a blog started by him to voice or let people who read his blog know what he feels of the music of an album. So I think comments from readers should be limited to what they think of the music and not beyond that. Some of the albums that Karthik has given a negative review have been lapped up by listeners and they have been hits. Opinions vary from person to person. There have been instances where Karthik has told the song is not good but I have liked it. So I think you need to post comments on what you feel of the songs or anything else related to the album, rather than giving suggestions on how to review and what to review. If that is the case, you can even start a blog to review songs and we can do a comparison to check whose blog is the best for music reviews.

    • milliblog

      Let’s stay away? From where? This is not the Times of India 🙂

      ‘Wierd’ is a perspective – your perspective.

      I can continue reviewing all my life without going by your suggestions simply because I write for myself – I merely express what comes to my mind. If I was on a media publication’s payroll, such comments would have my editor reconsider my choice as a reviewer. But that simply is not the case.

      If you feel my reviews are superficial, I can completely understand. We are what we think and assume – and our assumptions are based on a small world we create for ourselves – we gravitate towards what we like and stay away from what we don’t.

      And I’m not saying all this in the negative sense – its just that you’re entitled to your opinion about anything (the music I review or me, as a reviewer) as much as I’m entitled to write the way I want.

      I’ve mentioned many times that I’m not a music-based reviewer – I’m not trained in any form of music. I review based on what I like or dislike, personally.

      Perhaps in my next birth, I would learn music and write reviews to satisfy people like you! In this life, I’m busy satisfying my own interest in music 🙂

      • jeanjohny

        Karthik, I feel for you that it’s the umpteenth time that you have to reply to some kind of comments saying ‘it’s my opinion’. Did you get irritated this time? I could sense an irate reply. Maybe I’m wrong! 🙂

        • milliblog

          Yup, you’re right – it was an impulsive reply. I shouldn’t have written that – as I read it, even I feel it is harsh on ‘rprasad’. Silly me – will not remove it to remind me to be more open towards such reactions.

          • It is not harsh. I have no idea why people feel so entitled. If they don’t agree with you, then they can stop reading the blog. Neither are they paying you nor is anyone holding a gun to their head asking them to read the review.

            The comment was arrogant and warranted such a reply (ex: “One more thing you need to understand if you want to continue reviewing albums” ).WTF! I’m not saying there should be no criticisms but it should be constructive and polite.

    • jeanjohny

      It doesn’t matter whether the composer is one album old or 100 albums. If he has a style which captures others heart, then obviously, if some other Composer brings something of similar kind (intentionally or unintentionally), we can only say that it is the former’s style of Music, because the former did it first! The classic example is AR Rahman! With Roja he brought in a new style and yeah, whether he never did any musical score after that, we would say anything similar to his style is rahmanesque! So, ultimately it’s the talent of the musician that Karthik is referring to, and not the age/experience or anything else!

    • agree with rprasad calling the two rock songs amit trivedish was uncalled for.
      it is Vishal bharadwaj with whom u r giving the reference not any other composer .
      neways glad u liked all the songs and album

  • I live in a gaaon called Bangalore… can someone tell me where i can get hold of the CD….should i have to wait for 2-3 weeks as usual.. if so screw it.. i will download mp3s… so much for talks of buying original!!

    NOKJ CD was available in planet m here in this gaaon only after 2-3 weeks.. the planet m guys balked at me and were confused when i uttered the movie name (this was one week after the rewview appeared in milliblog)

    needless to say i downloaded the mp3sss

    • milliblog

      CDs are expected on 25th or after…

      • would someone know what the best place is to get CDs at the earliest release dates in general.

        also where do i get “high-taste” music CDs…(sorry.. lack of better expression)?

        I am tired of planet Ms and crosswords that promote movies like tees maar khan with 4 foot standing posters, while they would not carry a copy of Advaita’s album or a Hindustani vocal CD that is unique

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  • honhaar

    O’Mama is *kind of like* Mein Hoon Khuda reworked, rejigged, reprised and remixed.

    Bekaraan is my favourite.

  • rithwickM

    @rprasad: I agree with your thoughts.
    Thought most of the times, milliblog uses exceptionally well adjectives to describe a particularly song, but a creation of “Amit Trivedi category” is rather unwarranted.

    In one of reviews (AISHA?) Amit Trivedi sounds like Rahman? It’s good that millibliog has not
    yet said that this Rahman’s tune is reminiscent of MSV’s .

  • Fantastic album by Vishal as always. Loving each and every bit of it..
    O’ Mama sounds indeed like rehash of Khuda hoon mein from Paanch.

    • I was just about to type that, before I saw ur comment…More than Amit Trivedi, this song reminds me of Paanch…..

  • instead of appreciating the awsm work of vishal why is the blogger taken to scrutiny??i just dont understand why ppl read musical blogs….is it for criticizing the reviewer or is it to know how the album is??
    Vishal has given an awsm album again….awsm…

  • rprasad

    Karthik, My apologies for commenting on your music review capabilities. That was uncalled for(my bad for being impulsive and not thinking). My only point was lets not brand a style with any md so fast. Especially in current times no music style is original with so many samples and loops available to aid new md’s. Vishal is probably discovering some music styles now and using them(based on the need of movie as well) and Amit probably had used it before. That does not make it his style. We can probably say Vishal used a style similar to one used by Amit. Lets not go overboard and create a Amit category here. Some MD’s get comfortable in working on particular styles(which are not their own either). I think the era of MD’s creating a very original and distinct music style is long gone with so much readymade stuff available(which we may not be aware).

  • awww man.. everyone copies music. O’mama sounds more Pink Floydish rather than Amit Trivedi kind of. I’ve heard a Pink Floyd song which sounds similar to O’mama. When plagiarism is found out, i lose respect for the mucic composer. It makes me think every composition of that music director’s must be a copy. Dhan te nan lifted from Pump it and the list goes on. Sure, somebody will find out the originals soon.

  • “Karthik” i alwayz love to read your blogs review.. keep it up bro..

    bt sorry to say tht i m also lil bit agree with “rprasad” …..

  • tejas

    Don’t know about an Amit Trivedi category or Vishal Bharadwaj category or SEL category; O Mama sounded to me like a rehash to Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba, by Bappida. 😛

    Jokes apart, Yeshu is a ‘type’ of song only Vishal does these days and if I could, I would create an Oscar for the ‘Best Score in the Vishal Bharadwaj style’ which the Reznors and Rosses would never win – such amazing is this style that he has mastered!

    • Jaydeep

      I would rather create an Oscar for ” Movie Making VB style ” which only a complete craftsman like him would win. This man represents awesome body of work both in music & movie making. I truly feel he is way ahead of time for Bollywood movie goers.

  • all those accusing VB of plagiarism …well there is a russian in the movie and the song plays during his scenes in the movie so yes VB wanted a russian folk type song in the movie….. it’s juss that the guy is a genius …. 🙂

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