Saturday January 1, 2011

Veppam (Music review), Tamil – Joshua Sridhar

Posted by Karthik

Minnala pudikkara seems more like something from Harris’ repertoire, but when he was really sleepy, while Raani naan is indescribably ordinary! The short title song is well composed, with good lyrics and a pulsating tune. With shades of popular hip-hop sounds and a sedately pleasant tune, Karthik and Sricharan’s Katril eeram makes an impact. But, a rather non-descript, melancholic tune adorns Mazhai varum arikuri. Clinton and Shweta’s Oru devadhai is reminiscent of Joshua’s better days in Tamil – the soft, lilting ballad is adequately pleasant and sing-along’ish. Joshua seems to be continuing his struggle in Tamil, Veppam is just functional.

Keywords: Joshua Sridhar, Gautam Menon, Karthik Kumar, Nani, Nithya Menon, Bindhu Madhavi



  • The songs are pretty good by Joshua Sridhar. Working for GVM has made Joshua to carry his Kannada form to Tamil. Hope he gets more projects and makes good music just like Kaadhal…

  • The songs Mazhai varum is the only good and fresh tune song which touches the heart of everyone in this film……..
    remaining are utter boring……it is the true review of this Veppam…..

  • CerineChris

    I think the Veppam music is amazing! I don’t know wht this reviewer is talking about. Oru Devathai is one of the best romantic tunes i’ve heard in days. Mazhai varum is yet another fab melody. I’m no kuthu fan, so I won’t comment on Rani Naan, but these two numbers deserve to be right on top of the music charts.

    • hathim2

      Seems like karthik, you need to post guidelines on how to read your post for the newcomers from hereon.

      • milliblog

        Not at all – I’d rather let people take whatever they want from here, whichever way they see it right 🙂

  • Mazhai Varum and Oru Devadhai are very good…..Naresh singing in Mazhai Varum is one of his best till date….This album is more than functional for me 😉

  • Saw the video of Katril Eeram on TV and have been hearing the song on loop now. Absolutely LOVE IT 🙂

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