Thursday December 30, 2010

Siruthai (Music review), Tamil – Vidyasagar

Posted by Karthik

If you ignore the short, middling and trite Thalaattu, the rest of the soundtrack is one extended item number! Keeravani’s hyper-catchy hook from the original’s College Papala makes only a fleeting appearance as the prelude to Naan romba; Vidyasagar’s new version is shockingly unimaginative. Chellam vada is no different – dreadfully derivative and outdated. Azhagha poranthuputa and Rakkamma rakku has Vidyasagar rehashing his own Dhool rhythms to reasonably impressive results, particularly the latter featuring infectious singing by Ranjith and Suchitra. This Siruthai’s music only meows; wonder if Keeravani’s original would have suited better, like it did for Vikramarkudu’s Kannada remake.

Keywords: Siruthai, Karthi, Tamanna, Vikramarkudu, Vidyasagar, Siruthai music review



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